Friday, January 15, 2010

Anyhow walk in Japan - Zen'ing at Tenryu-ji

Guanyin statue found at Tenryuji, Kyoto

Yap, you ARE seeing Guanyin carrying a cross in her hands. And nope, she didn't switch religion. It is because there is a memorial place nearby for the Kamikazes who sacrificed during WWII and so the Japanese have this Guanyin statue in Tenryu-ji to bless all travelers who fly.

Stone face statues found at Tenryuji, Kyoto

Pretty fierce stone statues. Not sure if these are faces of Da Mo the Indian monk...

Kyoto Tenryuji

It costs 500yen to get into Tenryu-ji's garden, but another 100yen to see its main hall. Because the famous dragon drawing was out of bound when we were there, we decided not to enter the main hall, thus my friend snapped this picture of Da Mo at the entrance instead.

Tenryu-ji is most famous for its garden, which is said to be very beautifully merged into its natural background. I'll say the reflections in the pond is indeed very zen...

Typical Japanese white stone pebbles path in Sogen Garden in Tenryuji, Kyoto

Sogen Garden in Tenryuji, Kyoto

Sogen Garden in Tenryuji, Kyoto

Sogen Garden in Tenryuji, Kyoto

Not sure why these giant kois have to crowd at a little corner of the big pond, and they are realy gigantic! Think they are as long as my arm! Wonder how old are these giant kois!

Gigantic kois in Sogen Garden at Tenryuji, Kyoto

The main hall is just next to the garden, so those tourists who paid 100yen more to visit the main hall will look at the garden from the main hall itself. Most of them were busy and excited taking photo of the garden but there were also a few who just sit there and zen...

Man zen'ing in Tenryuji, Kyoto

I guess after entering Tenryu-ji, one can really become zen... that should explains why I have squatted at a little pond for about 5 minutes just to take picture of this little floating dried maple leaf...

A maple leaf floating on the pond in Tenryuji, Kyoto

“復元の流水” means "Recovery Water"? Not sure and the water looks rather ordinary to me... but the words were nicely craved though.

"Recovery" Flow in Tenryuji, Kyoto

“洗心” means "Wash Heart". So I guess you'll be washing those bad thoughts off your heart when you wash your hands here?

Handwashing point in Tenryuji, Kyoto

天龙寺 - From Arashiyama tram station, just cross the road and you can find the entrance to the temple.
天龙寺(Tenryu-ji)Official Website

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