Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Million GBP Coca-Cola Windows Live Mobile Draw - This Spammer very patient wor!

You know, I'm really impressed by this Coca-cola-SG-Bank spammer. They damn patient lor! It takes them sooo long to finally try to cheat me money, maybe they should work on their productivity...

Okay, so after sending my signed Fund Release letter to SG Bank, they very professionally send me a reply from SG Bank's Dr. Carl Ladley (Head of Operations) to tell me to contact this Prize Administrator Mr Paul Clinton again to follow up. Wah, so honored right, Head of Operations contacted me leh!

And then I didn't contact Mr Paul Clinton because I was too busy with my real life, but it was not long before he contacted me. Apparently my fund has been released and my very chio Certificate of Award has been prepared. Some more promised to send me the hard copy wor! Aiyah, wasted they'll never be able to reach me because that is not my name and that address comes from this other spammer that keep sms'ing me...

But then now, the bank needs a copy of Fund Transfer Order from the Crown Court before they can send me my money, and so I need to engage the help of this certified legal practitioner with a weird name called Mr O N Devon...

And almost immediately, I received an email from this guy! In the morning of Singapore time, meaning in the middle of the night in London! Wah! He working OT leh! Sure enough, the very waited-very-long-liao-how-much-do-you-want-to-cheat-me email is asking me to pay him 975 British Pounds!

Notice this Note on the email: "Western Union or Money Gram agents may ask you reasons for the transfer. Kindly indicate Family use because they will ask you for additional documents if you tell them that you are paying for the court documents which take weeks to obtain". Very smart lor.

Ooi, don't play play ok, just in case I don't believe that he is a real lawyer, he sent his ID to prove it wor!

So just pay 975 pounds can get 1 million pounds very good lobang right?

Yah RIGHT...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011