Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anyhow walk in Japan - from Nagoya to Kyoto

Nagoya Meitetsu ticket
Meitetsu ticket from NGO airport to Nagoya station. It takes about 50mins to travel from the airport to the super duper big Nagoya station.

Nagoya station bento shop
Lotsa bento sets to choose from in the bento shop at Nagoya station. From as 500yen all the way to 1500yen, from tonkatsu to simple inari sushi. And there is always a large local crowd in front of it!

Shinkansen ticket from Nagoya to Kyoto
Shinkansen ticket from Nagoya to Kyoto, just one stop but still super expensive. And this is not even a reserved seat ticket!

Shinkansen Nozumi
Shinkansen Nozumi train taking us from Nagoya to Kyoto!

White-chan on Shinkansen Nozumi
Luckily we managed to get a seat on the Shinkansen. Though it was during odd hour on a weekday, there was still quite a number of local traveling.

Train bento from Nagoya station
The legendary last meal of Oda Nobunaga... our train bento set. No, we didn't realise that till we finished the bento. We chose the bento only because it kinda looked beautiful and so thinking it might be delicious...

Train bento from Nagoya station

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chillycraps said...

the Shinkansen!! I am so envious!

Unknown said...

ah... but it came wif a price... VERY EX price... =_=