Friday, September 24, 2010

This post has been rated Satirical Comedy

It seems like the Hossen Leong Show that I'm looking forward to watching soon has been rated as "Satirical Comedy (Recommended for audiences 16 years and over)" by MDA. Thank god for MDA! If they didn't inform me, I'll never guess that I'm going to be watching a satirical comedy! I thought I was going to watch a cooking show!

So why is the show not safe for audiences below 16? Too satirical for these young kids to handle? But Miyaki said he has already taken out the bit about PM's pink wardrobe, so that our kids won't go home haunted with the image of our PM dressed in pink in front of a pink background and loose sleep, so why is it still too satirical? Perhaps there are still other content that are too much for our kids. I mean, what if Hossen is going to make satirical remarks about the YOG screw-ups, Freak flood screw-ups, or worse, public transport screw-ups! Yah, I also think it's too much for them to understand.

Anyway, I think MDA shouldn't be worried too much about under-16 kids watching the show even without the rating. After all, it is an art performance, so it is not going to be cheap. I can't imagine why a Sec 3 guy will date his Sec 2 girlfriend to watch the show that will cost him more than seventy dollars for a cheapest pair of tickets, instead of a normal pair of movie tickets costing less than twenty dollars. Seriously? They'll choose the Hossen Leong Show over other shows like... Resident Evil Afterlife?

While rating an art performance is not hurting me as I'm way over 16, taking so-called sensitive content out of it does. It is a known fact that producers themselves remove some content from their scripts (so that the show can go on), and the choppers at MDA remove even more. But hey, I'm still paying 100% of the ticket price! In fact, adding in GST and booking fees etc, it's even more than 100%, and yet they're going to show me 80-90% of the performance? It's like after paying for an expensive sure-eat Cat-Mountain-King durian, you open it up and throw away some fruits to the dogs!

Perhaps in future, art performances in Singapore can be charged according to how much content has been censored? Maybe like a $10 discount per 10mins cut? Then it's more fair to the viewers right?

So now, what is the feedback email address of SISTIC...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

More traffic lights please, we're Singaporeans!

When driving to work this morning, I've noticed that between traffic light A and traffic light B which are about 200m apart, a new traffic light is under construction. Yes, for some elite reasons, the higher power at LTA has decided that 200m is too far and having one traffic light every 100m is definitely more appropriate and vehicle-friendly.

Another reason for this new traffic light could be due to its location. It is built right outside a primary school. This could make sense. I can totally understand how tiring and frustrating it is to walk up to 100m to the nearest traffic light just to cross the road, especially with a super heavy school bag on the back and a yelling restless kid holding your hand. Of course I'm talking about the maids.

I'm so sure that this new traffic light is the result of letters from concerned parents to the LTA, fearing that their kids are jaywalking the road dangerously. Never underestimate the power of parents. Even if they might have never fetched their kids from school before, their sixth-sense-of-a-parent will tell them their kids have not been using the traffic light 100m away.

So as a responsive and responsible statboard that cares for the people, the honorable LTA builds a new traffic light. Kind of reminds me of the incident when there were some residents at some estate complaining about some old uncles and aunties gambling at the stone tables at the void deck, and the authority responded by removing the stone chairs from the stone tables.

Anyway, I suppose the manual car owners should be receiving the gift of this new traffic light happily. Now they can drive their cars like auto cars without the hassle of constantly changing gears.

First gear, accelerate, brake, first gear, accelerate, brake, first gear...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love your ride! Love the Singlish!

Delighted that LTA has invited the Dimsum Dollies to sing a song about being a considerate public transport passenger. Love their good voices, love their cheerfulness, and most importantly, love their Singlish! "Move inside, can?"

With election suspected to be around the corner, luckily no smart elite suggest some horrific MPs/Ministers to do the song, like...

Also very luckily, the LTA or PTC didn't decide to be too creative and ask their senior management to sing and dance, like...

So, heng heng we've finally got a nice public transport song! Screw Speak Good English Movement lah!

Pokemon gone way wrong

Just when we thought the US English translation of the Pokemon anime is most disgusting.

Blasphemy to Pokemon. Totally.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mehly anticipates more fireworks in next year's NDP


Singapore has collected some S$29.9 billion in taxes in the last financial year, which is 0.2% more than FY 2008/2009, all thanks to the buoyant property market. Oh, and more tax has been collected from individuals as well while less was collected from Corporates.

So what does it mean to the man on the street? How's the government going to make use of these money? For one, I do hope these money can be used to offset the cost of improving our public transport, and the expected fare increase next year will not be too much for us to handle!

But one thing for sure, I know there'll be more fireworks in next year's NDP!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mehly will volunteer for NS to get her $9000!


Suddenly, Singapore has recognised the contribution done by Singaporean NSman, and so is giving each of them a monetary award of between S$9,000 and S$10,500. But this will only benefit full time and operationally-ready NSmen in service from August 29, so if you ORD on August 28, and though you still have to return to camp for reservist training and report for IPPT every year, sorry bro, count your bad luck!

Of course, if the gahmen can't trust the 65-years olds with their own CPF money, how can they trust 18-years old young chaps with $9,000? So for your own good, this money will be given to you in 3 installments and even part of it is going to be put into your CPF account, so that you can take it out when you're... 65-years old.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mehly reminds Nyo that It's the "Forget your Singlish, speak English NOW" movement again


Yap, it's that time of the year again. The "Speak Good English Movement" time. The 10-years old campaign that is as successful as the campaign that urges you to speak good Mandarin.

To show our support for the campaign, please remember to order "coffee with evaporated mile and less sugar", and not "kopi-C siu dai", and when the Taxi Uncle ask "Go where?", remember to reply "It'll be great if you could take me to Orchard Road"!

Get it Right, man!