Monday, December 21, 2009

No I didn't drop off the face of Blogosphere

Friends, Fans, Followers,
Lend me your browsers!
I come to inform you of my leave, not to tell you I quitted blogging.
The jobs and tasks that men do are countless;
The annual leaves are just but 15 days;
So it is the same for me.
The same old X'mas songs you hear at shopping malls and on the radio
have told you vacation time is around the corner;
If it were so, it is time to take a break;
and gladfully have I answered it!
I have spend the past few weeks planning my next trip
to a land that is both traditional and futuristic;
pure white during the winter, yet colorful at the same time.
The travel plan has since been finalised
and I will be away to experience a different land and culture.
I will be back with photos and stories to amaze you
till then, adieu, adieu!