Monday, December 9, 2013

Riot at Singapore Little India

Some heard, this was the secret conversation that was exchanged during the Riot at Little India...

Ambulance (calling Police Car #1): Er... now how har?
Police car #1: See how first lah, maybe they'll go away leh...
Fire Engine (calling Police Car #1): Ok so we wait for your call har!

Police car #1: So you want to get down to control the crowd?
Police car #2: Wah why us? You all more senior leh! You get down we follow lah!
Police car #1: Ok I tell you what, we wait and see first...

Police car #2: Oui, you getting down or not?
Police car #1: Wait lah, we wait and see first...

Police car #2: Er... like getting more people leh...
Police car #1: Wah lidat better wait and see first...

Police car #1: Shit! They throwing things at us! [to Radio] MAYDAY! MAYDAY! WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM!

Police car #2: Wah biang! They going to overturn Police Car #1 leh! Wah biang! Turtle liaoz!
Police car #1: SHIT! SHIT! FUCK!

Ambulance (calling Police Car #2): Wah biang! You all take care, we jiao first! Sorry har!
Police car #2: SHIT! They're going to overturn us now! Told you we should jiao first when Police Car #1 kena turtle!

Police car #3: SHIT! We better stay in the car! Dunno got chance to reverse or not...

Fire Engine: Wah biang! Better jiao first!
Police car #3 (calling Fire Engine): OUI! Why you hit me?!
Fire Engine: Sorry! Sorry!
Police car #4 (calling Fire Engine): OUI!
Fire Engine: Sorry! Sorry! We jiao first, you all take care ok!

Police car #4: SHIT! We going turtle liao! HELP! HELP!

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