Friday, January 8, 2010

Anyhow walk in Japan - where to stay in Kyoto

Our Kyoto ryokan, Towa
Our ryokan at Kyoto was Nagomiyado Towa. Two bus stops away from Kyoto station and several bus stops nearby to get to most places, so it is pretty convenient. The room rate is on the high side though, with more than S$200 per room per night.

Our room in Kyoto ryokan, Towa
Our cosy tatami bedroom for two at Nagomiyado Towa. Adequately spacious with a little cupboard to hang our jackets, a little TV and a little side table. Little toilet and shower room included.

Green tea and snack in our room, Towa
Green tea and snack are provided daily. Not some cheapo tea bags but real tea leaves, mind you!

Breakfast at Towa, Kyoto ryokan
Every guest has their own breakfast table of typical Kyoto breakfast, consisting of Japanese pickles, fried fish, miso soup, double-boiled tofu, rice and tea.

Breakfast at Towa, Kyoto ryokan
The double-boiled tofu was deliciously soft and smooth, tasted more like our tao huay.

Breakfast at Towa, Kyoto ryokan
The half-boiled egg was cold, but had a refreshing taste, and both egg white and yolk just flow down the throat smoothly. Slurp slurp!

Breakfast at Towa, Kyoto ryokan
We were given egg roll on next day's breakfast. The layered roll was deliciously sweet and rich. Don't think I'll be eating anymore tamago sushi in Singapore.

なごみ宿都和 (Nagomiyado Towa) - 搭市巴士到七条西洞院,从Second House咖啡厅的路口走进去。
なごみ宿都和 (Nagomiyado Towa) official website

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