Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anyhow walk in Japan - Crispy and tender tonkatsu

Kyoto Tonkatsu restaurant
Photograph taken by friend. She said that who will ever know that such a small and narrow door, nearly hidden beside a large cafe, has such to-die-for tonkatsu at the basement!

Tonkatsu sauce, Kyoto
They have the normal and spicy tonkatsu sauce to mix with the grounded white sesame seeds, and of course mustard. But the tonkatsu was so good on its own that we ended up forgetting to add the mustard!

Tonkatsu, Kyoto

ロースかつ tonkatsu ordered by friend was 1277yen, S$20.

Fried Kyoto vegetables roll, Kyoto

野菜卷ロース tonkatsu and vegetables rolls combo ordered by me was 1296yen, S$21.

This is going to be a review of the best tonkatsu I've ever eaten...

The tonkatsu itself has a very thin layer of finely fried crispy skin covering the tender and juicy pork meat. In comparison, the skin of those tonkatsu I've eaten in Singapore are like sandpaper.

The vegetable rolls are not only pretty looking, but tasted just as good. Even after deep frying, the white and red carrots are still sweet and juicy, and the beancurd skin wrapping around it has a real strong bean taste, not tasteless like some of those we find around here, even in vegetarian stalls.

The cabbage is not only super sweet, it has a very strong fresh green smell that you can never find in Singapore vegetables! Or course we asked for refills!

The rice is not just pure white rice, but has some barley looking grains mixed in it. The verdict? Not only does it smell good, it is chewy but not too hard at the same time. How can one bowl be even enough! Maybe that's why we were given one pot of rice so that we can do our own refill! And by the way, those Japanese around us even refilled the pot of rice!

Last and not least, the miso soup. It is not those typical miso sauce + water type of soup, but has the strong flavor of miso mixed with sweetness of carrot. Why I know it's carrot? Because we found carrot cubes in the soup!

かつくら四条寺町 branch - take city bus to 四条河原町,the restaurant is inside 寺町桶里. An easier to find branch can also be found at the Kyoto station, The Cube, 11th floor.

かつくら名代猪扒 (Katsu Kura) Official website

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