Saturday, May 30, 2009

18 Android Phones by Year’s End?

Google: Expect 18 Android Phones by Year’s End
By Matt Richtel

Summer Of ‘09 Phone War update: By year’s end, there will be at least 18 phones on the market worldwide based on the Android operating system, Google disclosed for the first time Wednesday.

Andy Rubin, senior director for Mobile Platforms for Google and the spearhead of the Android operating system, said the number could be as high as 20. (That figure does not include devices made by manufacturers that use a basic Android system but have not apprised Google of its use). The 18 to 20 devices Google knows about will be made by eight or nine different manufacturers, Mr. Rubin said.

He declined to say which manufacturers will make said phones or for which wireless carriers. At present, there are at least two Android-centric phones — T-Mobile’s G1, available in the United States, and a phone called “Magic” made by HTC and available in Europe.

Mr. Rubin said that, in general, carriers will be slower to introduce Android phones in the United States than in Europe. The reason, he said, is that the domestic market is so competitive that carriers and handset makers want to create highly distinctive versions of the Android phone to give themselves an edge.

耶!有新的Google Android手机要出现咯~ 现在新加坡好像只有Singtel在卖的那架超难看的Singtel Dream是使用Google Android的,好期待有更多比较像样的Google Android手机哦!

所知道将会登陆新加坡的Google Android手机只有Samsung I7500和HTC Magic,但好像也得等到9-12月。不过不管怎样我也要等下去,因为我拒绝用Windows Mobile OS!嘿!

Cloudywind Podcast #12 - The Attack of H1N1

The horrifying H1N1 has attacked the island. Among her other souvenirs, an uni girl has brought back the H1N1 virus, fresh from New York. While everybody are busy blaming her and the uni, the rest have started all preventive measures to protect themselves. Workers in high exposure places like hospitals and clinics have started wearing masks, but how about that one place where the virus could spread so easily? What about the air hostresses on the airplanes? How are they going to protect themselves?


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Thursday, May 28, 2009

成语故事 - 打草惊蛇 Beat the grass and the snake will be startled

打草惊蛇(da cao jing she)
Beat the grass and the snake will be startled

Premature actions which put the enemy on guard


一天,有人到王鲁那边去控告他的主簿。 这个主簿的罪行跟王鲁的所作所为几乎完全相同。王鲁吓得都不知道要怎么来处理这件案子了。结果他没有作出判决,反而是不由自主的在状子上写道:"你在那边打草,可是连我这条伏在草下的蛇也受到惊吓了啦!"

Once upon a time, a county magistrate named Wang Lu worked in present day Anhui province, Eastern China. Wang Lu was a greedy magistrate who took many bribes. One of his secretaries was equally corrupt, and who even regularly assisted Wang Lu in his deeds.

One day, a man went to the magistrate to lodge a complaint against the secretary to accuse him of the same crimes as those that the magistrate himself had committed. Wang Lu was so shocked and frightened that he was not in the proper state of mind to handle the case. Instead of issuing a judgment, he could not help but wrote these words: "Wahlao! Do you know that by beating the grass, you are scaring the hell out of me this a snake under the grass?!"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Singapore Podcaster on the News! The Shareen & Joe Show!

哇!哇!哇!在Mr Brown之后,我们终于有第二个本土podcaster上报咯~





The Electric New Paper

FROM a little cupboard in Bukit Timah, Joe Augustin is broadcasting a morning show.

No, the DJ hasn't been re-hired by any of the three radio stations he used to work for.

He and former Power 98 morning show partner Shareen Wong, 34, have started a podcast, The Shareen & Joe Show.

But you won't find this morning show on the radio dial. It's broadcast every weekday online at, where netizens can listen to the shows directly on the site, or download them onto their mp3 players to listen later.

It's a new direction for the duo, who were cut from Power 98 in early February for allegedly breaching their contracts.

For Joe, 40, it was the third time he'd left the station, and the second time he'd been axed from a morning show within nine months.

So when the going gets tough, the tough get entrepreneurial.

The pair did their first podcast on 10 Mar, almost a month after they were fired.

It is a half-hour version of the show they used to do for the airwaves, but without any music because licensing rights are too expensive.

In mid-April, Joe Twitter-ed that he didn't want to be 'half-assed about overthrowing mainstream radio'.

When asked whether the podcast was a way to get back at his former employers, Joe would only say that 'there is no love lost' between him and the radio stations.

Joe Augustin was fired from Power98FM eight months after getting fired from Radio 91.3FM.

As for whether this format was an actual threat to radio or if he was trying to prove a point that he could wing it on his own, he demurred.

'A podcast is not an act of revenge,' he said.

Podcasts are not new to Singapore. Its most famous proponent to date is probably blogger Mr Brown who posts weekly satirical podcasts on his blog.

By contrast, Joe claims their project is Singapore's first 'professional' podcast as he and Shareen used to do radio for a living.

According to the pair, the idea of a podcast had been discussed for a long time, but they were always too 'busy doing an actual show' to work on it.

But still keen to work with each other post-firing, they forged ahead with the podcast, recording it in a cupboard - yes, an actual cupboard - that serves as the makeshift studio that Joe built in his home for his voiceover work.

'We still had a desire to do something radio-esque. And then now I had all this time ...' Joe trailed off.

And why would Shareen continue partnering with Joe despite his blemished record and short-lived radio stints?

'Joe and I are not joined at the hip,' she said 'We have other projects, but the podcast is something we do because we love radio.'

The lack of music didn't matter. The message was loud and clear: fans wanted to hear, well, talk. And boy, do they get a lot of it.

But just because they no longer have to adhere to rules set by radio management or the Media Development Authority (MDA) doesn't mean the show is half an hour of blind cussing.

'It's like, you can get attention by streaking, but how many times can you get someone to come back to see you do it again?' said Joe.

But there are, inevitably, places where the pair can boldly go where they have never gone before.

A few weeks ago, a friend of Shareen was invited to the show to teach Joe some Hokkien bad words, a show that Shareen noted 'would have never happened on radio'.

Their fans try to push them to do more, but Joe said, 'There's smart podcasting and then there're people who are silly for the sake of being silly.'

So far, the show has been making the rounds in local circles through Joe's Twitter updates and the occasional Facebook promotion.

A recent Twitter update from him read: 'Stop listening to lousy crap radio. Upgrade to high-quality crap.'

This 'high-quality crap' - 55 episodes and counting - has received over 26,000 downloads so far, according to Joe.

It's a tiny number compared to the 365,000 listeners he pulled in weekly during his heyday as a morning show host with Flying Dutchman Mark van Cuylenberg on Class 95.

But Joe and Shareen call it a 'good start'. After all, the podcast isn't a business - yet.

The pair claim potential sponsors have approached them to be 'associated with the show', although how or when this will happen is still up in the air.

They say that they're 'not in dire financial straits' - Shareen has her homeware shop Kai Life at Holland Village while Joe continues to do voiceover work and emcee gigs.

A recent bizarre news item brought up by Shareen about a prisoner faking an injury to his nether regions in order to escape prompted Joe to share that he had accidentally done the same thing before.

Perhaps too much information for some, but Joe prefers to think of it as a way to be more personal. After all, the show's tagline is 'real people, real stories'.

Part-time tutor Samuel Fong, 27, said he enjoyed Joe as a morning show host on Class 95, but isn't sure whether he would download the podcast.

'It would depend on their content and how funny they are,' he said.

Shereen Ali, 28, who listens to podcasts frequently, was also unsure whether she would take to the show.

'I prefer my podcasts to give me music or educational stuff, like serious discussions on the news,' she said.

Industry friends like former co-host Petrina Kow, though, are encouraging of their efforts. 'Joe's not a quitter. He never lets anyone rain on his parade,' she said.

When asked whether he thought podcasts were a serious competition to radio, Jamie Meldrum, programme director at Radio 91.3, said no.

'I wish Joe all the best, but the market is quite limited for that sort of thing.'

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

成语故事 - 亡羊补牢 Sheeps dead but sheepfold shall be repaired

亡羊补牢(wang yang bu lao)
Sheeps dead but sheepfold shall be repaired

If something went wrong, or even if losses were already done, if one were to amend the mistake in time, one could still save the day and learn from one's mistake






During the Warring States Period (475-221 BC), the State of Chu was not a very powerful state. But the king and his senior court officials were incompetent, indulging in luxury and excessive pleasure all the time. Zhuang Xin, one of the ministers can see that was the recipe for disaster for the country. So he told the king one day: "Your Majesty, those people around you, all cannot make it one! They only know how to kiss your ass and make you happy nia. Then see what happen now! You're not tending to the state affairs at all! If carry on like that har, the country sure perish one!"

The Chu King was damn furious. "How dare you! How can you use such vicious words to curse my country! And then the people hear already how? These words are words that arouse resentment!"

Zhuang Xin explained, "I won't dare to curse the State of Chu. But I really feel that our state is facing great danger lah!" But seeing that the king chose not to believe in him and still in favor of those corrupt officials and trust them in everything, Zhuang Xin gave up so he applied leave from the king to go to the State of Zhao to stay instead.

Five months later, Qin King sent his troops to invade Chu and occupied a large area of its territory. Chu King himself went into exile. Then, the king remembered Zhuang Xin's words so he sent his men to fetch him. When the king saw Zhuang Xin again, he asked him, "So what now?"

Zhuang Xin replied, "It's never too late lah. You see, if you find a sheep is missing, you should mend the sheepfold." He then gave some good suggestions on how to rehabilitate the state and recover lost land. And the king was very pleased.

Monday, May 25, 2009

在1977那一年,Star Wars 开始了~

32年前的今天,Star Wars第一次出现在大银幕上。我想那时的George Lucas应该没想到从那一天开始,以后每一代都会有为Star Wars疯狂的年轻人吧!当然,他应该更加不会想到说其实那出Star Wars是第四集!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cloudywind Podcast #11 - What's wrong with our kids' sexual education?

Some parents who claimed to represent the conservatie majority of Singaporeans have complained about AWARE’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education programme, of the ‘moral-neutralization’ of homosexuality and premarital sex. They want their kids to be shielded from these negative stuff and be taught only what is acceptable by the mainstream's standard instead. Like, tell them homosexuals should be stoned, or that if they have premarital sex they'll go blind.


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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Receiving my first Adult spam SMS


LIVECHAT for Adult Audience! **Under 18 is NOT allowed** Call 19009xxxxxx @ $1.20/min(excl GST) Stop? Sms L to 77177 MobileFusion Ptd Ltd 62951130

Under 18 is NOT allowed?可是他们又怎么知道我是不是18岁以上?除非打通后情色接听员会先问:“先生/小姐,请问您几岁?” 那如果我撒谎咧?

$1.20/min(excl GST)?原来打三级电话也要付7%的GST!哈~ 你听三级电话,政府也要分一份咯!不过一分钟$1.20好像还蛮贵的咧,随便讲个十分钟就要$12了喔!试想想接情色电话的人问了:先生/小姐,怎么称呼啊?您干哪行啊?想谈些什么啊?这样子五分钟就已经过去了咧!如果之前还问了“Press 1 for English,华语请按2...”和“男生请按1,女生请按2...”的话,那又多五分钟咯!

唉~ 世风日下~

Monday, May 18, 2009

How my $5.90 Subway meal became $8.60!

周末的时候,经过Subway时偶然发现他们有$5.90的特价套餐。哇噻,平时Subway的一个面包就要这个价钱了咧,现在同样的价钱还给多两片饼干(也可以选择薯片的啦,不过我怕肥嘛~)和一杯汽水喔!二话不说,立刻就决定在那边吃午餐!而且既然不管选择任何面包也是$5.90,当然是选择平时最贵的Roasted Beef啦!(穷酸的贪小便宜心魔又出现...)


既然之前已经吃了Roasted Beef,这回我就叫了一份Subway Club。哪知道还钱的时候,服务员竟然跟我收了$8.60!

云里风:Err... why is it $8.60?
服务员:Oh, because it's a meal. You wanted a meal right?
云里风:Yah... but I thought it's $5.90?
服务员:Oh that promotion! We don't have that anymore!
云里风:HUH? But you still have that promotion board there! Then it's a bit misleading right?
服务员:Oh, that $5.90 promotion meal is only for Tuna and Roasted Chicken!

之后我再走近点看,广告版上果然有小小的一行字说明$5.90的特价套餐只限于Tuna和Roasted Chicken的面包!昏~

又证实了好朋友的那句名言:Don't always assume!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cloudywind Podcast #10 - All's that Little White Ball's Fault

So what if you had led a team to win a silver medal at the Olympics Games, ending the country's 48-year Olympic medal drought? If your boss said your integrity and professionalism is in question, you will not be nominated for the Best Coach award! So what if you have already left the association? That does not stop your boss from telling tales about you!


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

新手机上市 - LG Arena KM900

市面上又出了新的手机。LG的新手机LG Arena KM900好像还蛮不错的,远看还真的有点像iPhone!看起来超扁的LG Arena照样有听音乐用的volume rocker和3.5 mm jack,和拍照用的camera shutter。既然这么小,用的储存卡当然就是microSD啦!

比较好玩的是它的user interface,竟然是一个3D的方块!方块的每一面都是不同种类的菜单,然后只需要用手指轻轻一推就可以玩弄这个方块,多方面的去找你要的功能!超酷的!当然啦,如果你玩腻了,想所有的功能一目了然的时候,还是可以好像iPhone那样让所有的功能排排站的啦!和多数的smart phones一样,LG Arena的功能有memos, stopwatch, voice recordings, calculator, world clock,unit converter等。

最重要的是,LG Arena有一个5-megapixel autofocus with LED flash的相机,也有Wifi的功能,方便你去到哪里blog到哪里喔!

在Singtel的店里看到时,LG Arena(8GB)的价钱是$368 with iOne Plus/Classic Plan and 6-month BroadBand on Mobile Plus。

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And so I ate a Value Meal for lunch

午餐时间,走进kopitiam看有什么可以打包的。又吃板面?鱼圆面?有点闷咧... 杂菜饭照样排长龙,但其实我也不大有胃口吃一大碗饭的说...

突然想起附近有间麦叔叔的店,好像还有午餐特价餐的说!走去看看,果然!十二点到两点之间,value meals只须$4.50!哇噻!Kopitiam随便一碗面也要$3,再加上水要$1.50,就已经是$4.50了咧!不如吃麦叔叔的value meals好了,反正也很久没吃薯条的说...


服务员:Hi, may I help you? Would you like to have a value meal?
云里风:Are the value meals really $4.50 now? (还是问清楚一下下比较好...)
服务员:Yes, except for the Big Mac and McSpicy value meals, which will be $5
云里风:Okay, lemme think about it...

因为太久没吃快餐了,突然不知道要吃什么好!Fish fillet, McChicken... 好像很多都是油炸的咧... (可是好像薯条也是油炸的说...)我也不大想吃牛肉... 啊~~ 最后还是决定多加五角钱吃McSpicy好了啦!因为想说McSpicy的肉怎么说也是真的鸡肉,不是McChicken的那种鸡肉饼嘛...

云里风:I'll take the McCrispy! (不知怎的,竟然会联想到KFC的Crispy or Original!糗死了!)
服务员:You mean the McSpicy? Okay... do you want to upsize? If you add 50c to upsize, you get to take this Coca-cola glass home

啊!有免费的Coca-cola玻璃杯!还是我喜欢的青色!啊~~ 当然upsize啦!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cloudywind Podcast #09 - The Selamat Escape

After Selamat escaped from the detection center, he floated and paddled away from the island. On the other land, he gathered his followers again and worked on his plans to terrorise the island! Among his targets were the table tennis association, ERP gantries, banks and hospitals, but unfortunately for Selamat, all of those missions did not do well! Worse, Selamat found himself in danger of being caught and brought back to the island!


PLAY >> Cloudywind Podcast #09 - The Selamat Escape

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Remembering Yuna - Wedding

Giving a new meaning to bride running away from her wedding. She flew away.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 - Supporting the freedom to love

Q: What is this Pink Dot?!
A: Pink Dot is the name of the organizing group. It references the term, Red Dot, which is often used to describe Singapore. Pink, instead of red, because it is the colour often associated with LGBT (think: pink dollar and pink feather boas) but more importantly, it is the colour of our national identity cards and it is what you get when you mix the colours of our national flag. Yes, we are a patriotic bunch!

Q: Is this event legit or legal?
A: Yes, of course! We have registered for the event and we shall strive to conduct ourselves appropriately, as set out in National Parks’ terms and conditions. Who says we can’t behave and have fun at the same time!

Q: Is this a gay event?
A: As gay as any event can get at Hong Lim Park. The gathering is a show of support for those who believe in openness and love between people, regardless of their sexual orientation. Anyone can attend – straight and gay.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cloudywind Podcast #08 - Twitter vs New Exco in AWARE EGM

The AWARE EGM had lots of rules and regulations. No flash photography! No video recording! No crude language! Only one question per person, and no press! The result? So many logged the whole EGM onto Twitter that #awaresg was the top trending topic! So what couldn't Josie Lau finish her opening speech? Who commanded the crowd to "Shut up and sit down"? What was Thio Su Mien talking about on page 73? How did the new exco manage to spend $90,000 so fast? Guess none of these questions matters anymore when the vote of no confidence passed by a margin of 1,414 to 761 votes.

换了几个场地后,AWARE的EGM终于在Suntec如期举行。在记者与摄影队被拒在门外后,场地里的会员扛起了公民记者的责任,把谁讲了什么,谁被嘘下台,所有的细节,一丝不漏的都写在Twitter里!不管你是在岛上的任何一个地方,还是在远远的欧洲或北美洲,就算你人不在现场也可以感受到整个气氛!为什么Josie Lau的开场白讲不完?是谁叫众人“闭嘴!坐下!”?Thio Su Mien到底要众人看第73页哪里?为什么新委员这么快就花了9万块?不过既然新委员已经被1,414对761推翻下台了,这些问题还重要吗?

PLAY >> Cloudywind Podcast #08 - Twitter vs New Exco in AWARE EGM

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If you want to help AWARE to retrieve back the $90,000 lost in outerspace, get a memorable Tshirt from Bionic:

"In commemoration of the AWARE EGM held on 2 May 2009, we are proud to present a t-shirt collection of the hilarious quotes and quips heard during the EGM.

Please note that 70% of profits will go to AWARE Singapore. This is a charity project by the design studio Bionic Creative in partnership with"