Monday, April 30, 2012

Bersih 3.0 - what you don't see on mainstream media

Foreign reporter reporting using Skype after their camera was busted The real number of people on the street Police spraying water and throwing tear gas at crowd to break them up Crowd overturned police car after it crashed into the crowd Police dragging reporter away

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to make your own animation

Nope, you don't need to be George Lucas or Michael Bay to film something these days. Anyone can film it, edit it, and upload it. And nope, you don't have to be Disney to produce some simple animation.

All you need are the following:
  • some moment of brainstorming the storyboard - you really think you better than George Lucas, can shoot right away arh?

  • something to film with - er... no I'm not talking about those bulky thing-of-yesterday videocams... just a handphone will do lah!

  • something to record the video - I'm using iPhone, so this is the app I'm using for motion capture: Stop Motion Cafe, and it's FREE!

And then TADA!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Security in Singapore offices - where you have inflexibility to the max!

These are real life stories encountered by real suay people who met real inflexible security robots at the lobby before the lifts to the offices, at Fusionopolis that very hi-tech office.

Your temperature is different before and after Starbucks

During the SARS period, a temperature taking counter was set up at the lobby. Colleague A went downstairs to get a cup of coffee, and had his temperature taken at the counter. About 15 minutes later, he came back to the lobby with his Starbucks coffee...

Kayu Security Officer: Please take your temperature at the counter.
Colleague A: But I've only taken my temperature just now!
Kayu Security Officer: Yes Sir, I know. But you need to take your temperature again when you enter the building.
Colleague A: But I only went to Starbucks to get coffee! You've already taken my temperature 15 minutes ago!
Kayu Security Officer: Yes Sir, I know. But it is our policy to take temperature of anyone re-entering the building.

Your identity has changed after your run

A group of us went for our weekly run and upon returning, Colleague B realised that she forgot to bring her staff pass...

Kayu Security Officer: Where is your pass?
Colleague B: I forgot to bring my pass down. Can you let me pass?
Kayu Security Officer: No.
Colleague B: Aiyo, but you can recognise me right?
Kayu Security Officer: Yes I know you from Company XYZ. But you cannot enter without a pass. Please call one of your colleague to come down and fetch you.

You should always have a spare IC

Colleague C forgot to bring his staff pass to work, so he exchanged his IC for a visitor pass. Then Colleague C went downstairs to tapao lunch and again forgot to bring his visitor pass, which he left at his table.

Kayu Security Officer: Where is your pass?
Colleague C: Aiyah, I forgot to bring my pass down.
Kayu Security Officer: You cannot enter without a pass. Please get a pass at the counter.
Colleague C: Har? My IC already with you leh, what do you want me to change with? Can you check your records instead? You can find my IC at the counter.
Kayu Security Officer: No, we can't check our record. You have to use your IC to get another pass.
Colleague C: Hello? My IC is already with you! What do you want me to use to change for another pass?
Kayu Security Officer: If you can't change for another pass, please call your colleague to come down and get you.
Colleague C: Can't you just check your record now? You can find my IC there!
Kayu Security Officer: No, this is against our policy.

You can use Angelina Jolie's pass and still walk pass us

There was one time that while taking kopi downstairs, I realised I needed to go upstairs and get something in the office but I left my pass in the office. My colleague who looks totally utterly ultimately very different from me lent me her pass. I flashed the pass and went right through that super tight security.