Tuesday, July 22, 2008


如果到了今天你都还没看过今年的国庆日MV的话,那你就太逊了咯!搞了这么多年的国庆日MV,相信今年的是点击率最高的!而且做了这么多年的国庆日MV,Gloria Chee也终于出名了喔!

既然用别人的创意并不等于抄袭,“localising an inspirational idea” 这句话也有道理,那我来叉一脚localise一下的话应该没人会反对吧?日本广告大师的得奖广告当然有水准,但就如新加坡人看梁导演多过看王家卫导演的戏咧~ 反正要抄就抄一部多数人都看过的嘛!还有什么比裴勇俊大佬的太王电视剧受欢迎的!



Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeY-DFsUc8Y

Friday, June 27, 2008

Formula ERP... a new kinda race

如果要在这里非法赛车,那会是一件很艰苦的事情。除了要“闪”警察叔叔,还得“闪”ERP闸门。而且赛车的费用也不简单,油价也高,避无可避的ERP过路费也高。这就是Formula ERP了!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Singapore Scenes... Southern Ridges

上到Mount Faber顶可以看到什么?那就是整山脚下的组屋!


这就是波浪形的Henderson Waves咯~

本来白白净净的Telok Blangah Green经过十多年岁月的洗礼后,竟然转变成好像六,七十年代的建筑物那样!

Forest Walk里有好长好长的拐弯抹角的铁桥穿梭在Telok Blangah的森林里


我们的行程就在很zen的Hort Park那边结束了

看看Southern Ridges的地图!你也来走山一下!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Singapore Scenes ... Formula Drift

想知道high performance radiator长什么样子吗?来这里就可以看得到!


马来西亚Ivan Lau驾驶的AE86很厉害咧~ 跟拓海的一样也是白色的喔!就只少了“藤原豆腐店”那几个字~




Ryuji Miki的车子被撞坏了耶,因为这里没有他的车子的零件,所以他就这样被退下来,不可以继续比赛了!还以为他会争夺第一名的说...


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Singapore Scenes ... Airshow 2008

呃... 这架战斗机很像常在我家上空飞过的那架哦... 好像战斗机远看都一个样子耶...


哎~ 好闷啊!为什么爸爸哥哥他们这么喜欢看飞机飞来飞去的说?









排了这么久的长龙搭$5这么贵的巴士,怎么可以不拍张照呢? And it is the HOW that makes all the difference...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pizzahut.com.sg takes more than 30mins to load a page

I typed "pizzahut.com.sg" and waited. The many little graphics took their own sweet time to load. 5 mins later, I gave up and tried to click on an empty space that looked like the link to the home delivery page, guessing via the url.

After that click, I was not ready to wait for 30mins for the page to load...

Can't visualise what I'm talking about? Try clicking THIS and see how long it takes for this ONE image to load. And to have more fun staring at ONE page and waiting for it to load completely, click HERE.

I dunno what's wrong with Pizzahut's website. Is it because the traffic is too overwhelming because everywhere else is closed for the first day of Chinese New Year and everyone else is ordering pizza?

Or is it... time for them to fire their Web Designer and get another one? Preferrably someone that prefers to use REAL text in place of Graphics text, and of course sensible enough not to use 660x294, 97Kb images to create more waiting time.

Okay... so I was told not to cause someone to be fired on the first day of Chinese New Year. Hmm... so maybe those guys that uploaded Edison's photos could teach the Pizzzhut's Web Master how to break up large images into smaller ones for easy loading...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Complaints Choir of Singapore - the public performance that was unfortunately cancelled

All public performances of the Complaints Choir of Singapore have been cancelled. Why? Because of those foreign choir members of course! While it is totally okay for some foreigners to come snatch our jobs, the authorities did not want other foreigners to sing in our choir. The Malaysian born choir conductor and the artists Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen were not given a permission to perform. And since the choir decided that they did not want to perform under these circumstances, all public performances were cancelled.

Complaints Choir is a project, where people are invited to complain about anything they want to and sing the complaints out with fellow complainers. IMHO, sounds like it is so made for Singaporeans! We'll be damned if we're not part of it!

The humorous complaints choir performances have been popular all over the world but this is the first time the Complaints Choir project created negative attention due to the reactions of authorities.

Anyway, since we can't watch the public performance, here's the "private" one...

And here's the lyrics...


We get fined for almost everything
Drivers won’t ‘give chance’ when you want to ‘change lane’
The indoors are cold, the outdoors are hot;
And the humid air, it wrecks my hair
Those answering machines always make you hold
Only to hang up on you

When a pregnant lady gets on the train
Everyone pretends to be asleep
I’m stuck with my parents till I’m 35
Cause I can’t apply for HDB
We don’t recycle any plastic bags
But we purify our pee

What’s wrong with Singapore?
Losing always makes me feel so sore
Cause if you’re not the best
Then you’re just one of the rest

My oh my Singapore
What exactly are we voting for?
What’s not expressly permitted
is prohibited


When I’m hungry at the food court, I see
People ‘chope’ seats with their tissue paper
To the aunty staying upstairs:
Your laundry’s dripping on my bed sheets
Please don’t squat on the toilet seats
And don’t clip your nails on MRT

Stray cats get into noisy affairs
At night my neighbor makes weird animal sounds
People put on fake accents to sound posh
And queue up 3 hours for donuts
Will I ever live till eighty five
to collect my CPF?

Singaporeans too kiasu! (so scared to lose)
Singaporeans too kiasi! (so scared o die)
Singaporeans too kiabor!(scared of their wives)
Maybe we’re just too stressed out! (even the kids)


Old National Library was replaced by an ugly tunnel
Singaporean men can’t take independent women
People blow their nose into the swimming pool
And fall asleep on my shoulder in the train

Singapore’s national bird is the crane (the one with yellow steel girders)
Real estate agents’ leaflets clogging up my mailbox (en bloc, en bloc; en bloc, en bloc)
Why can’t we be buried when we die?
No one wants to climb Bukit Timah with me


There are not enough public holidays
My neighbor sings KTV all night
Wedding dinners never start on time
My hair is always cut shorter than I want
Channel 5 commercials are way too long
Why do men turn bad?

At first it was to speak more mandarin
Then it was to speak proper English
What’s wrong with my powderful Singlish?

People sit down during rock concerts
We have to pay for tap water at restaurants
ERP gantries are everywhere
But I can still see traffic jams on the road
All the bus stops have tilted benches to keep you off balance

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cloudywind's Days... 风的生活 #7 - 前面的路不好走啊~






Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cloudywind's Days... 风的生活 #6 - 我们的教育变了样




其实在很久很久以前,“教育”这个词好像不是这样子用的耶... 读书跟成绩这两样东西好像不是这种关系的耶... 因为那时候有个叫“孔子”的教育家,他的理想是要实现人与人之间充满仁爱的大同世界。而为了实现这个大同世界,他需要把仁爱思想灌输到广大群众中去,而办法就是需要培养一大批可以推行仁道的志士和君子。孔子心目中的教育应该是这样的...
  • 教育的作用 - 既重视其社会作用,也重视其在个人发展中的作用。《礼记》中《大学》篇关于“格物、致知、诚意、正心、修身、齐家、治国、平天下”的著名论述既说明了儒家关于大学教育的过程和步骤,也清楚地表明了儒家对教育作用的看法。通过格物、致知做到诚意、正心(要有正确的伦理道德观念)从而达到修身的目的(形成完善的人格),这是教育对个人发展所起的作用。有了这样的基础后,每个人就应该积极为促进各自家庭的和谐美满和国家的繁荣,努力地作出自己的贡献(齐家、治国),这是教育对社会发展所起的作用。

  • 教育的对象 - 孔子有一句名言“有教无类”(《论语· 卫灵公》),意思是说不分贵族与平民,不分华夏与狄夷都可以接受教育。

  • 教学的内容 - 应划分为学、思、习、行等四个阶段。前两个阶段是学习知识的过程,后两个阶段则是要求学生将所学知识应用于实践。

  • 教育的作用 - 为了以后可以养活自己和家人(可以养家就很好了,还齐家?),为了可以确保自己的文凭足以在自己的国家里找到工作,而不让外国的人才把工作都抢光了(治国?可能还轮不到新加坡本地人呢!)。格物、致知、诚意、正心、修身?这些值多少钱?

  • 教育的对象 - 几次小学分流之后,再看看中学成绩,就应该可以知道自己到底是本地大学的教育的对象,还是ITE的教育的对象了。

  • 教学的内容 - 只要成绩可以考到九十分以上,教的是什么内容,到底有没有学到知识,这些其实并不重要吧?至于运用所学到的知识,那就要看将来做什么工作了。有些工作看似很难(可能因为职位很高),其实只要把自己的工作交给属下去做,功劳记得拿,那就够了,还需要什么知识啊?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Cloudywind's Days... 风的生活 #5 - 开放不开放?


  • 我们不鼓励色情,所以这里卖A片是犯法的。但当有人在网上放了理工学院生的性爱自拍影片后,她的名字成了当时搜查率最高的keyword。

  • 我们不鼓励色情,所以在这里卖淫是被管制的。在这里当妓女就好像当医生一样,只有当她们有执照证明她们是合格合法的,只有当她们的工作场所是有还执照费的,她们才可以开门营业。但新山的色情场所里的常客多数都是新加坡人,每个周末跑到新山去按摩,然后要求“特别”服务的都是我们的已婚阿叔。

其实到了今时今日,所有的管制真的有效吗?保守的政府真的可以用压抑来确保新加坡人不变坏,可以告诉其他“乱来”的国家我们的人民是品德兼优的吗?在这里不被批准的东西,人民还是有办法弄到手的吧... 他们会出国,会上网吧?那么压抑还有意义吗?


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cloudywind's Days... 风的生活 #4 - 人是健忘的

人是健忘的。至少现在所有的的士司机都那么希望。自从的士费涨了之后,习惯搭的士的人为了省钱,都试着改搭地铁和巴士。本来就不常搭的士的人就更不想搭了。车费涨了,收入却缩了,的士司机们都闷了。被访问时,他们只能说“迟些时候,当人们都习惯了新车费后,他们就会搭的士了”是啊~ 司机们都希望人们快点忘了车费曾经涨了35%,快点回来坐的士!

  • 刚失恋的人很快的又爱上了当时在附近的某个人,因为她已经忘记了失去的痛苦

  • 竞选后的政治人物在被选上之后,会很快的就忘了以前的一些他答应了选民但却自己觉得不重要的诚若

  • 老板都会忘了属下立了什么大小功,所以才吩咐他们年底时写一份报告提醒他他们到底做了什么

  • 强迫我们的孩子从小就熟背九九乘法表,虽然我们知道他们长大后会有足够的钱买电脑和计算机

  • 利用考试来强迫我们的学生记得所学的东西,虽然他们进社会后会发现很多理论都是用不着的

  • 强迫我们心爱的人记得我们的生日,结婚纪念日,第一个吻纪念日... 而希望这样子的话他们不会把对我们的感情忘了

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Massive Human Jam at Boonlay MRT Station

It was 5mins before 8am. I couldn't believe my eyes after I alighted from the bus... the entrance to Boonlay MRT station was super duper packed!!! It was as if I was being teleported to an century old train station in India that was under major construction and during super peak hours! People were squeezing in and out of the station using what's left of the staircase (about 1/2 of the staircase space is under some kinda construction now), and there were broadly unorganised queues leading to the few entry gates!

The few thoughts that came into my mind were...

"Did someone jumped into the track again and there is no train?"
"Is today the Boycott All Taxis day?"
"Is there free drinks or loaves of bread being distributed in the station for some marketing campaign?"

After squeezing and moving like turtle in the crowd for about 10mins (surprisingly shorter than I had expected, with such a huge crowd), I finally managed to get to the escalators and up to the platform. And here's the strange thing...

The trains were not crowded.

Yes, the trains were not crowded at all. I guessed it was because that there was a train coming into the station every 2mins and moving out with half empty cabins every 2mins.

So what caused such a chaotic situation at the station? Hmm...

Sunday, January 6, 2008



可是只要试试在cn.yahoo.com 上搜索“苹果被删床戏”这几个字,所谓被禁的片段立刻就呈现在眼前了。到了今时今日,有什么东西是真的禁得了的?而且政府越要禁,人们就越想看。搞不好不禁反而没人去注意!

>> 佟大为,范冰冰
>> 梁家辉,范冰冰