Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ah Fook considers renting a dragonboat to go Orchard Road

(Picture in courtesy of Pet Society)

After a morning of heavy downpour, the prestigious Orchard Road is finally flooded. No, not with shoppers going to the Great Singapore Sale, but really flooded with real rain water.

Now is the time when it doesn't matter whether you drive a Picanto or a BMW, because they will be just as stuck in the water.

Now is also the time when all the Hermes bags and Starbucks coffee and pirated Xboxes and PS3s got mixed together, washed into the big Orchard River together and forever.

But today is Dumpling Festival leh... Ah Fook promised his mom he'll get her the $38 abalone dumpling from the famous hotel! And wait! This coming weekend is Father's Day and Ah Fook hasn't get anything for his dad yet! With Orchard Road turned into Orchard River, how is he going to achieve these two super important tasks?!

Luckily Ah Fook is not stupid. The smart Ah Fook decided to rent a boat to row down Orchard River and do his Great Singapore Sale shopping. And since it is the Dumpling Festival, of course Ah Fook will get a dragonboat!

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