Monday, June 7, 2010

Ah Fook checks on the pastor who is taking a break

(Picture in courtesy of Pet Society)

While all mega-churches are under investigation, Ah Fook was surprised to find his pastor friend missing in the church’s usual service as well! So the concerned Ah Fook decided to pay the pastor a visit. Upon reaching the pastor's house, Ah Fook found him lying lazily on his feather bed.

AH FOOK: Hey Pastor, what's happening? Why you MIA from the church service?

PASTOR: Oh Fook! So nice of you to come visit me! Yawn~ oh I'm taking a well-needed break now.

AH FOOK: Ohh... so your Caesar Empire Church also kena investigation?

PASTOR: Well... I'll say just usual checks by the authorities, nothing alarming. My church is clean, okay! Unlike those suspicious mega-churches that build $47 million church in Jurong and go around buying huge shopping and convention complex! And we also don't open up expensive boutique houses that sell high-end fashion to our brothers and sisters yeh!

AH FOOK: So your church don't have a large reserve or make huge investments like those mega-churches?

PASTOR: Of course not! We believe in maintaining just enough for surviving. You know, the Lord has taught us not to be greedy! Yes we do have some savings in some Swiss bank and we've made some investments in property, F&B, fashion, construction, manufacturing and music, but that's all! Oops, sorry, lemme get a call (Pastor picked up the phone) Hi Sheikh Mohammed, so nice to hear from you! Oh... oh yes, I want the whole of Europe islands in the World. No! No I don't care who else is bidding for it, whatever they're paying, I'll give you ten folds. Yes... yes, please lemme know again! Shukran! (Pastor hang up) Sorry Fook!

AH FOOK: No worries! Wow, you're buying some land in Dubai?

PASTOR: Just a small investment, nothing big like the Suntec City! You must understand, any organisation that wants to do anything on a large scale needs a large amount of finances, be it charity work or even day-to-day administration. It's not like all the money will go into my pocket you know?

AH FOOK: Ok cool! Cos for a second, I was thinking where your new Ferrari comes from...

PASTOR: Ah... Fook, I see the need to make it clear. I have not been receiving any salary from my church, just allowance, you know? Just some token as appreciation of the time and effort I put into running the church. Nothing as much as what the ministers are getting, I can assure you that.

AH FOOK: So... again, why are you taking a break har?

PASTOR: Actually I've got no idea too... but since my lawyers advised me to take a break and not give any comments to anyone...

What's happening: Pastor Kong Hee ‘takes a break’

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