Friday, August 24, 2007

Mandarin cool... so are Japanese and Korean! #4

Lesson 4 - At the hotel

Hanyu Pinyin is used as the basic form of pronounciation here, unless otherwise stated. For those not familiar in Hanyu Pinyin (were you sleeping in your Primary school chinese lessons?), these are some illustrations:

a = a as in art
i = i as in ink
u = oo as in cool
e = a as in air
o = aw as in paw
ao = ou as in ouch
an = un as in until

John: Please help me to check in.
Xiao Ming: 请帮我办理入住手续。 (qing bang wo ban li ru zhu shou xu)
Nakamura: チエクイン ください (chi-e-ku-in ku da sai)
Yong Su: 체크인 해 주세요 (che-ku-in he chu se yo)

John: My name is John
Xiao Ming: 我叫做小明 (wo jiao zuo xiao ming)
Nakamura: 私は中村です (wa ta shi wa nakamura de-su)
Yong Su: 저는 영수 예요 (cho nun yong su ye yo)

Hotel staff: Please hold on a while
Hotel staff: 请稍等一下 (qing shao deng yi xia)
Hotel staff: しょしょお待ちください (sh-yo sh-yo o ma chi ku da sai)
Hotel staff: 잠깐만 기다리세요 (cham gan man ki da ri se yo)

Hotel staff: This is the room key
Hotel staff: 这是房间的钥匙 (zhe shi fang jian de yao shi)
Hotel staff: これは部屋のかぎです (ko re wa he ya no ka gi de-su)
Hotel staff: 이거 방외열쇠 예요 (i go pang ui yor sui ye yo)

Disclaimer: I'm not a Chinese/Japanese/Korean teacher and I'm only sharing what I know. These lessons are not part of any formal text books and you don't get any certifications from learning them. You will not become an expert from these lessons because I'm not any expert myself. The only thing I can guarantee is that your Chinese/Japanese/Korean friend can finally understand what you're trying to say.

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