Sunday, August 26, 2007

Let's celebrate odex's screwup!

Odex had "no right of civil action" against illegal downloaders because it was just a sub-licensee — not the copyright owner or exclusive licensee — for most of the anime titles sold here.

District Judge Earnest Lau — who on Thursday ordered Odex to pay legal costs of more than $7,000 — expressed unease over the hasty manner in which Odex tried to go after some 1,000 PacNet subscribers. In particular, he was unconvinced of the investigation method it used to uncover the IP addresses and pinpoint the alleged wrongdoers.

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And here's some latest anime for celebration of some idiot's wishfull thinking crashed! If you've not watched any anime online, you really don't know what you're missing! :)

Naruto #178

Link to Naruto 178

Bleach #137

Link to Bleach 137

One Piece #320

Link to One Piece 320

Oh... by the way, time to switch OUT of Singnet... :)


Anonymous said...

LOL thanks for popping over :)

BTW I think it's still early to see how everything will pan out with ODEX but for sure SingNet screwed up this one!

SadistiX said...

actually, if we download from sites like, they can never catch us.

Renhao said...

sadistix: apparently they can, if they have enough patience and time. Can't be too careful mate.