Monday, May 10, 2010

Eastside Boss celebrates another massage parlour with Ah Fook

(Picture in courtesy of Pet Society)

Eastside Boss invited Ah Fook for steamboat dinner, said he has got some good news to celebrate with Ah Fook.

EASTSIDE BOSS: Hahaha... Ah Fook, I've booked the whole restaurant tonight, so just order whatever you want! Don't have to be paiseh!

AH FOOK: Er... Boss, this is $12.99 steamboat buffet right?

EASTSIDE BOSS: Hahaha... Come'on, Ah Fook, stop pulling my legs!

AH FOOK: So Boss, what are we celebrating, just done a deal?

EASTSIDE BOSS: Hahaha... Ah Fook, I've changed, I'm doing real business now! I'm opening massage parlours!

AH FOOK: Massage parlours? Wow, that doesn't sound too bad! But these days, we've got spa centers shutting down one after another, isn't the public still wary of signing up spa packages? Won't your business be affected?

EASTSIDE BOSS: Ah Fook! How dare you compare my massage parlours with those lousy spa centers? Hey, my customers can make booking via phone calls or even our website anytime, and we'll never turn away one single customer okay! And better still, they can just walk into the shop and we'll provide them our services just as well! We don't have no lousy packages to tie down our customers, they can come anytime and my girls will service them, no question asked!

AH FOOK: Er... your girls? Service them? Hey Boss, seriously, your massage parlours are not offering commercial sex, are they?

EASTSIDE BOSS: Ah Fook! Hello?! Something wrong with you up there?! Of course you go to a massage parlour for sex right? Or what? You go there to pray? If our customers require extra services, of course my girls will provide it! On the other hand, if all they want is just pure massage, which I can't imagine any guy asking for that, my girls are qualified and certified to massage them lah! Hey, I paid a large sum for their stupid professional massage training okay!

AH FOOK: Wow... and all these are local girls?

EASTSIDE BOSS: Are you kidding me? Of course not! Local girls are too expensive and too fussy, my girls are all foreign talents! Imported young and pretty girls!

AH FOOK: Hmm... and the police is not checking?

EASTSIDE BOSS: Ah Fook, you think I stupid is it? Of course I've got lookouts! And furthermore, all my massage parlours are located only in shopping centers in housing estates, no sweat man! Those stupid police only know how to raid Geylang lah! Alamak! Don't chat anymore lah, the dishes are all cold already! Let's dig in!

What's happening: Rampant comeback of sexual massage parlours in S'pore


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