Friday, November 13, 2009

California Fitness member no more

Finally I was going to the gym again.

For the past one year plus, I was tied up with a major project that bundled with countless OT and night conference calls. I was too tired and partly too lazy to drive all the way to the gym downtown after all the late work. And now that the project has ended, I was eager to get back to California Fitness gym and get back in shape.

However things don't always go one's way.

When I arrived at the California Fitness gym counter at Republic Plaza, the counter guy told me that I have not paid my annual fee. I was expecting that, so I asked him for the amount. But his answer was not in numeric. He told me that my membership has been terminated. I was stunted.

He then bluntly told me that my California Fitness membership was terminated because I did not pay my annual fee within three months of expiry. I told him that that was the first time I was hearing it, which he then replied that it was clearly written in my contract. Great. One of those fine prints in the Terms and Conditions that I was supposed to read and memorise.

I showed him my membership card that the "Start Date" written on it was October, so three months from October is December, which meant that I should still be within the three months expiry right? He then replied that no, my contract expiry date was February, not October. Apparently the so-called "Start Date" on the card was the date I joined California Fitness, not the date the contract started. How confusing.

I tried to explain to him that when the sales manager was so enthusiastically selling me the package, he did not tell me about this condition at all. However my explanation fell to deaf ears. I asked him since I was there, why can't I pay the outstanding fee then but all he did was shaking his head.

When I asked him why didn't California Fitness call me to inform me my annual fee was expiring, he replied that they don't do that. I was perplexed. All these time, I've been receiving calls from those personal trainers to invite me to the gym for body test, and yet nobody call me to remind me it's time to pay my annual fee.

"So, what do I do now?", I asked. And his answer? "You have to sign up a new plan with us because you're no longer a member".

Fantastic. After being a loyal customer since 2001, with the promise that my membership was a life-time membership, I was kicked out of California Fitness.

I still could not figure out how a California Fitness life-time member can no longer be a member, but what I do know is that, if I'm going to start a gym membership all over again, it will not be California Fitness.

I need to find a gym that treats their customer with better respect. Oh, and with better Terms and Conditions.


Moon said...

I think Amore Fitness was quite good. I was not trying to help pitch sales for Amore. Maybe you like to see it for yourself. =D

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