Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ai yo~ why our musical fountain so Disney?

We've got no idea why Sentosa was so super crowded on that Sunday. The whole place was crowded with tourists! So to be Singaporeanly kiasu (translation: afraid of losing out), the first thing that we did when we reached was to purchase the Songs of the Sea musical fountain tickets for the evening.

Before taking the free shuttle bus to Underwater World, we proceeded to the 7-11 to top-up our water supply. Thank God for 7-11, if not there's no way we can get a bottle of drinking water for less than S$2 at such an expensive tourist spot!

When we reached Underwater World, we had to fly our Japanese friend aeroplane (translation: stood up) and let her go in alone because S$22.90 to watch fishes is too much for middle class Singaporeans like us. We knew she was disappointed, but bo bian (translation: no choice) lah...

After she paid for the ticket, she said that the ticket counter girl told her that the ticket is inclusive of a visit to the Dolphin Lagoon, but she won't be able to make it because it was then 5pm and the last entry to the lagoon was 5:30pm. WTH! So she paid extra for nothing? Like that Underwater World damn eat money (translation: cheat money) man! Since the Dolphin Lagoon closed liao, then they should make the Underwater World tickets cheaper after say 5pm right? So all the tourists who visit Underwater World from 5pm to 9pm (when it closes) all kana chop carrot head (translation: made to pay much higher price than the item's actual worth) lor!

From S$0 to S$10, our musical fountain is getting more and more expensive. And since it is S$10 now, they have to show the audience more than just some dancing water pillars, to make their money worthwhile right? So they attempted to make a musical out of the musical fountain! And a Disney-look-and-sound-alike one some more!

All the actors and actresses talked and sang like High School Musical, and if you close your eyes, you would thought that you are in the United States of America! So this is how we are supposed to talk like if the "Speak Good English" campaign becomes successful? Then all the animated characters projected onto the dark sky also played and sang like Finding Nemo. We can't get more Disney than this!

Like I said, since we paid S$10, they had to give us more than just water pillars swinging here and there. So there were also fire explosions (the fire in water display was spectacular though) and laser beams display (abit lame liao). And of course, like any other major performances in Singapore, we have to end it with fireworks!

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