Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ai-yo~ do not turn on your flash in Night Safari!

After we left the zoo, we headed over to Bongo Burgers for dinner before visiting the Night Safari. The Night Safari only opens at 7pm anyway. Wah lao (translation: WTH) that Bongo Burgers damn chop carrot (translation: putting a high price tag on cheap stuff in order to earn more from customers) lor! One burger plus fries set costs about $16, but the portion not say very big, some more the meat patty super (translation: extremely) dry and hard! I can get a much better burger at Carl's Jr with this kinda price man! Then the drinks even more ex (translation: expensive)! One glass of lemonade for $5! Damn kill people set fire (translation: attempt to rip off customer)!

To tour the Night Safari is not the same as touring the zoo. This one cannot be on foot one, because there're too many unreachable places. Must be purposely one, so that they can make more money. So no choice, LL (translation: unwilling but not given a choice) must take the $10 tram! But actually the tram okay lah, it's a 45min journey through the whole park, then half way got one stop can stop and jalang jalang (translation: walk around) before taking the next tram to continue the tour. Then the tram really like went up the mountains (small hills) and through the forests (areas of trees), got one part even like went through a small pond of water, damn shiok (translation: very exciting) man!

Every tram comes with a guide who sits with the driver, and every tram also comes with visitors who simply don't understand the meaning of "no flash". on the first tram that we took, the guide had to advise again and again, asking the visitors to turn off their flash. On the second tram that we took, the moment the tram started, the guide said "I repeat, please turn off your flash! It is a disturbance to both the animals and other visitors!" And we thought she sounded kinda impatient. Must be that tram got too many visitors keep using flash at the first half of the journey!

But regardless, we could still see people continuing to use their flash, and then it happened. In the middle of nowhere where there was not an animal in sight, the tram stopped, tram lights switched on, and then the guide walked down and started scolding from the first cabin to the last cabin "Please turn off your flash! Is there anyone here that do not understand English? No flashlight, understand? Okay?". Wow, fierce. But can't blame her also lah, after these people kana from her (translation: received punishment), really nobody used the flash anymore! See lah! Talk nice nice don't listen, must wait for people to scold then happy!

Besides the tram ride, the other activity to do at Night Safari is to watch The Show. Because it is the one and only show in the park, and the Night Safari ticket so ex, so must watch the show right? So all the people in the park wanted to watch the show, and so all the shows were full, and in the end bo bian (translation: no choice) we have to watch the last show which was at 10:30pm! Luckily the show not bad...

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