Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ai-yo~ all the zoo performances!

This is the first time that I'm taking my Japanese friend to the zoo. Usually overseas friends will ask "where are the sales?" but this time, she asked "where are the animals?"! Cool!

It has been raining these few days, and it even rained on Saturday morning itself! But heng heng (translation: luckily) the rain stopped by afternoon and we were good to go!

The moment we stepped into the zoo, a gal rushed into our path and requested to take pictures of us. Before we've got the time to think through the long string of words she sped through, we were posing happily for her camera. After which, she informed us that we could collect the photos at the exit later. HUH? OOOH! Yah... then we knew. And of course we didn't buy in the end lah, sure kana chop (translation: made to pay a high price for something cheap) one what!

Because we were cheapskate (hey, the admission already damn ex (translation: expensive) lor!), we didn't pay for the tram ride so we had to walk around the whole zoo. But it was damn tiring... especially when we had to rush from feeding shows to performance shows, from the elephants to the polar bears to the sea lion, damn shack (translation: extremely tired) lor!

By the time we panted our way from the elephants to the polar bears, the place was already super packed. But heng heng still got seats in front. When the feeding started, a gal stood by the tank to talk about the polar bears and explained to us how heavy they were, and how their fur is actually transparent and not white etc, which is actually quite a good lesson!

Never knew that "sea elephants" are actually called manatees. And they're really huge and fat lor! Can really see their three-layer-fats! But the little manatee is kawaii though! Anyway they do look like hippo... are they related somehow, like ten twenty thousands years ago? No?

Anyway the manatees are there in the pool just to swim around lah, they're not the ones performing, unless floating around is a talent. That I can do also. So the show started, and that oh-so-familiar James Bond music track played, and ta-da! The sea lion! Yah, just one sea lion. That poor guy have to do all the tricks, all the swimming at fast-and-furious speed and jumping up to catch the ball tricks.

Though this is the first time that I'm watching a sea lion performance in Singapore Zoo, somehow the performance looked so familiar... The James Bond music, the way the sea lion poked its head into the water to check traffic, the sea lion imitating jaws using its fin... Maybe I saw it at Hong Kong's Ocean Park? Or Gold Coast's Sea World? Hmm...

Anyway, thanks to that stupid sea lion's splashing hello's, I had some water to cool me down in the hot sun lor!

These penguins damn good life man! They just swam around a couple of times, ate fishes thrown into their faces, then KLKK (translation: stroll about) along a small area, then when the sea lion finished performance, they balik kampong (translation: go home)! Back to their air-con room!

Seems like these animals have the same life as us man! Some people have to work like shit and still have to listen and do whatever their management say, just for a few fishes. Some people are like Dua Beh Gong (translation: a Chinese God who sits in a temple) like that, everyone know they are super slow in their work but they'll still take their own sweet time floating slowly from one end of the pool to the other. Some people just come into office to show face, KLKK, go tea-break go lunch, then go home on time without doing any real work! Seems like life's as shitty even for the animals!


chillycraps said...

haha u didn't translate the lors :P

Unknown said...

heehee... dunno how to translate "lor" "leh" "lah" leh :P

you know?