Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Urban photography tips

Just some urban photography tips that I read :)
  • Fountains - To blur the water, use tripod and shutter speeds of between 4sec to 1/15sec

  • Stained glasses - If there's very dark and very light glass in your composition, better bracket half a stop under, half a stop over and one stop over

  • Stage performance - Use slow shutter speed and expose for the ambient light. Any movement by your subject is captured through the blur but the action can be stopped and the subject rendered sharp at the moment the flash is fired. If you don't have spot metering, zoom in and fill the frame with your subject to lock the exposure, then zoom out and recompose.

  • Sports - Allow a minimum shutter speed of 1/250 but ideally 1/500 to freeze the action

  • Museum - To photography without a tripod and flash, place the lens directly on the glass for support. This method will also eliminate unwanted reflections.

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