Monday, September 28, 2009

Cloudywind Podcast (Chinese) #28 - It's a F1 Special Podcast

This is a F1 Special Podcast all about this special annual event that is second in popularity and importance to the National Day. This is the time when all participate in the F1 Road Closure and F1 Big Jam, and all put in their money for the F1 Match Bets, F1 Toto and F1 Big Sweep. The totally unrelated F1 Rocks concert is happening as well, where first class superstars all around the world perform in a third class venue.

这是一个特别制作的F1特别Podcast,为了庆祝这个只在国庆日之下的盛大活动。不管愿意或不愿意,大家都会参与这个一年一度的重要活动。大家都可以感受到大规模的F1大封路和F1大塞车,大家都会把钱赌在大规模的F1 Match Bets, F1 Toto和F1 Big Sweep。年轻人还可以买昂贵的票观看跟F1赛车完全没有关系的F1 Rocks演唱会,看第一等的世界巨星如何在第三等的场地表演!

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