Thursday, July 12, 2007

Some headline bad news from our "TOP class" transportation

What is worse than 'drink and drive'?... 'drink and drive people around'!
An SBS Transit driver was arrested for drink driving after the bus he was driving crashed into a lamp-post at the junction of Victoria Street and Ophir Road. The whole bus mounted onto the pedestrian curb outside the Raffles Hospital.

The best part of the story... that guy was drunk early in the morning at 9:30am! Luckily even at such working hours, there are only 4 passengers. And even luckier, these 4 passengers are not injured, just scared to death.

So friend, don't complain any more about your bus driver driving too fast/slow. Be thankful that at least he is not drunk!

And we thought that the October 2006 fare increase was to support maintenance cost...
An SMRT bus came to a standstill along Orchard Boulevard as smoke started to come out of its engine. No one was hurt and all passengers were transferred to another bus. The area had to be cordoned off for the Singapore Civil Defence Force officers and the police to conduct checks.

According to SMRT officers, one of the vehicle's tyres may have overheated. This makes me wonder, when was the last time that the vehicle's tyres are checked? Or maybe, when was the last time that the vehicle was serviced?

And btw, do you realise that there are still super old SMRT buses around? Those with the "press both sides and pull up" windows that are now locked closed for the air-con? BUT... pleasssse do not complain this to the SMRT... unless you want ANOTHER fare "adjustment"!

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