Thursday, July 26, 2007

当初就应该杀错好过错过! Should have killed them all in the first place!



"Of course, kidnapping is a very successful policy and I order all my mujahideen to kidnap foreigners of any nationality wherever they find them and then we should do the same kind of deal," Dadullah told the broadcaster.


没事浪费钱在牢里养那么多禽兽干嘛?没听过格杀勿论吗?为什么要留下这么多人来搞报复?没听过“满门抄斩,后灭九族”吗?唉~ 当初没罪不等于以后不会犯罪嘛!看吧!现在这些禽兽就来搞绑架杀无辜的人质了吧!当初就应该杀错好过错过啦!


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

圣战?!? 圣战 my stinking foot!

L. said...

True, those people are a batch of heartless people...

What hit me was really how stupid they are, they are actually kidnapping people who are trying to help their country.

Seems like they are picking on them, since they can fight Uncle Sam's army.

eastcoastlife said...

They are people who don't deserve our sympathy and help. So we should just stop sending aid and volunteers to their country. Then they have no one to kidnap lo.

I think if the kidnappers kill one hostage, the government should kill one of their kind. Tit for tat. Show no mercy nor fear.