Friday, May 10, 2013

So some people are suing some people for a quote by some people

Some people like to use quotes from other people, even when these people might not even understand what those other people actually meant.

Because the Internet is free for all to see, eventually some people, or even a lot of people, gets to read a stupid quote that some people have ignorantly quoted from other people. Of course some people will tend to make fun of these people who quote something stupid without fully understanding what they quote.

Now the problem is that these people who anyhow quote other people can sometimes be people with the cash and power to buy lawyers. And usually these people are not very happy to know that some people are talking behind their back. So almost for sure, these people will dig out those people who disagree with them, and tell them to remove all negative comments about the quote that they quoted from other people and do not associate the quote with them, or else they will be sued.

All these trouble just because somebody stole a quote from somebody.


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