Friday, July 19, 2013

Despicable people stealing toys from kids

Like seriously, Singaporeans? First it was Hello Kitties, now the Minions? Some more toys from HAPPY MEALS?! THE Happy Meals which are meant for KIDS?

Thanks to these pirates, all Minions were sold out island wide on the very Thursday that they were launched. Which means kids going to MCD after that will have to settle for old toys from the storeroom when they get their Happy Meals. Not that Happy for them now, I guess? Take a look at these adults, kids, they're the one stealing the toys from you!


And then what do they do after they’ve queued up during their long lunch time (no wonder bosses prefer foreign workers now) and bought their precious Minions? Sell them online and manipulate the price like how their more-mature counterparts play on the stock market, of course!

Nice one, Singaporeans. Nice one. You’ve just proven that we could be more despicable.

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