Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sorry PM, too late to say sorry lah!

Yesterday was another moment in Disney magic on earth. After the pretty girl married the handsome prince, and the big villain was killed, the arrogant rich man stood out to apologise. Oh yes, that is the first from PAP. Our dear PM said "If we didn't get it right, I'm sorry. But we will try better the next time.".

I can imagine the crowd at Singapore Pools to buy in 4D number 0503 or 0305. It's not everyday that you get PAP to say "sorry" you know?

PM Lee: If we didn’t get it right, I’m sorry
Yahoo! News

PM Lee acknowledged some of the government's initiatives have resulted in "side effects", such as problem gambling among Singaporeans due to the opening of the Integrated Resorts.

He also cited the congestion in public transport because of the increased intake in foreigners.

"We made a mistake when we let Mas Selamat run away. We made a mistake when Orchard Road go flooded," he said.

But PM Sir, why are you only realising the mistakes that your people have made like... now? Like a couple of days before the Polling Day? Why such a perfectly-timed sorry?

And why did the sorry come only after the mistakes have been brought up again and again by the Opposition parties?

Perhaps it is really time to place a few of these young candidates from the opposition parties into the parliament so that they can be there to catch such mistakes made by those old and experienced ministers in the future 5 years, so that "sorry" does not come only once in every 5 years? So that we only hear "sorry" for mistakes that were made donkey years ago?

"Much has been said about foreigners for the past few days, but I fear our anger might have been mis-directed. It is not their fault that our wages has stagnanted. It is not their fault that our property prices has sky-rocketed. And it is not their fault that we are all forced to pack ourselves like sardines in the MRT train. No, my friend. The real target of our anger is the PAP government!" -- Nicole Seah, NSP

"The government has also made a number of mistakes throughout the years, the Mas Selamat escape, the over-budgeted Youth Olympics Games, and the losses incurred not just by Temasek and GIC but also by the various town councils when they used their funds to buy minibonds." -- Glenda Han, WP

Oops, SORRY! The last one was put up by mistake.

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