Thursday, May 5, 2011

GE2011 - Please hear what we want for our public transport

"I think the underlying motivation for suggesting that public transport should be nationalised is that it can be cheap. But nationalising in many other countries has led to a lot of inefficiency. And ultimately you get cheap transport but it doesn't quite work out." - Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, Second Minister for Finance and Transport.

Talk is always cheap. Especially when she is not the one who's taking the public transport. Distributing flyers at the station and taking the train during off peak hours with an army of escort does not count. But these will count...

We're not asking for a perfect world class public transport system. What we want is just a comfortable ride home from a day of tiring work. What we wish for is your understanding of how we feel and for us to understand how are you going to make it different for us.

We need a public transport system that has more heart, not more profit.

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