Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My PAP MP-wannabe has been kidnapped by aliens!

Dear fellow Singaporeans who stay at West Coast GRC, if any of you have seen my PAP MP-wannabe for West Coast GRC who has been arrowed to go Dover, please do let me know. In fact, my friend at Jurong West, also under the West Coast GRC, did not see his PAP MP-wannabe as well.

It is now time for candidates to visit their residents and in fact most have done their homework by the last long weekend (if not what do you think that long weekend was for and why the polling weekend is after a long weekend?). But for some weird reasons, we have yet to have this once-in-5-years visit from our PAP MP-wannabes.

I amd dead worried that some bad things might have happened to them, like falling off the edge of Marina Bay, or kena adopted by alien (no, aliens like Paul, not the Chinese mei mei at the massage saloon).

So please, if you do see any of them, please tell them to come visit me, in case I forget to vote for them.

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