Thursday, March 24, 2011

I will vote for you reason #3 - IF you gimme back my Merlion

Oh yes Mr MP-wannabe, I will go to the very ATAS ION to buy a very expensive Mont Blanc pen specially to put a tick on your box...

  • If you free Merlion from its misery. The Merlion belongs to the people of Singapore, regardless of race, language and religion, or the number of fifty dollar notes in our wallets, and it should be free to stand by the sea while we take pictures and picnic next to it, not locked up for some expensive one-night stands with rich tourists.

  • If upon becoming a Minister, you will spare a small portion of your pay to buy back the Raffles Hotel from that Qatar businessman, so that we can have part of our heritage back.

  • If you fire the smart alec in STB who anyhow gave Singapore away to the tourists and while you are there, change the tag line to "Our Singapore".

  • If you tell the Primary schools to give their vacancies to Singaporeans and let the new immigrants take the left overs. If not, even if I were to queue for 3 days 3 nights outside the school, I still can't beat the rich guy from India who donated a computer lab to the school, or the pei-du-ma-ma from China who volunteered to be the school's slave for 24/7.

  • If you make it compulsory for fast food chains to employ only people who speak proper English or Singlish. I can understand the aunty asking "You want upsize?" but not the China gal asking "doyouwanttoupsizeyourmeal?".

  • If you ask immigration to go catch all the loose foreign talented prostitutes and beggars all over the island. Geylang used to be the only red light district in Singapore, not Joo Chiat, Marine Parade, Bedok, Kovan or People's Park.

  • If you chase away those countless Chinese steamboat restaurants and give us back our Chinatown. Despite the name, "Chinatown" does not belong to China.

  • If you can give us back our Sentosa. We used to go to the cheap chalets in Sentosa and hang around and de-stress. Now rich new immigrants stay at the expensive bungalows and Singaporeans go to the casino to get poorer and more stressed. Yah I know, already got one MP who said he got debated things like gambling passionately and he got bite. But the casino still goes on right? If we vote you in to talk on our behalf, but when you talk nobody listens, then we vote you in for what?

So Mr MP-wannabe, before you ask whether I can tick for you, think of what you can do for me first.

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Anonymous said...

i) If the govt stops parachuting new faces into MP seats through GRCs. Let these new faces fight in 1-to-1 SMCs, so that they can earn their place in parliament; this is esp. important for new faces who are destined to be ministers.

ii) If the govt makes sure govt/private sector jobs go to every available, qualified, Singaporean first, and then only can they hire PRs/foreigners if no capable Singaporeans are to be found. Singaporeans live here; PRs/foreigners can choose to live elsewhere.

iii) If the cabinet (who is paid by tax-payer dollars) declares all their private assets, including homes here and abroad, shares in local stock market, companies owned...etc. Oh, and their wives/husbands' assets too, and those of their kids who are over 18. We must be able to see that their peronal wealth have not benefitted from their positions of power.

iv) Cut back on Mindef/Home Affairs spendings. Our security is already quite good; so I think saving a few dollars in the armed forces/police and channeling them to welfare would not be a problem.

v) If they abolish ISD. It is now used on so-called 'terrorists', but what if someone who is stuck there is really innocent? Also, when needed, they will use ISD against political opponents. Scary.