Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I will vote for you reason #1 - IF you take away ERP

Oh yes Mr MP-wannabe, I will vote for you with all my hands my legs and my little pink heart...

  • If the moment you become a Minister, you volunteer to donate out all your salary to LTA so that they can remove the ERP system and still make profit.

  • If you strap off motor insurance and put all those motor insurance companies to bankruptcy. Don't worry, if we lang-ga, we can settle ourselves at our Ah Beng workshops one.

  • If you tell gahmen to subsidise the ever-rising petrol price. If Truly Asia can subsidise petrol for so many cars in their country so big, I'm sure subsidising the little cars in our little red dot should cost even less.

  • If you tell LTA to summon those buggers who illegal park right outside the shopping malls and block my way to the carparks.

  • If you put more traffic police on the expressways during peak hours to stop those buggers from misbehaving and banging onto each other, then create super long massive jam and make me late for work.

  • If you put some Fatimahs at the washing bay every weekend to stop people from illegal parking there so that I can wash my car.

  • If you can ask those Fatimahs to also take note of people opening their doors in the car park, and if these buggers or their retarded kids are caught banging their doors on the car parked next to them, summon them $500 per bang.

  • If you can ask that since-when-become-so-ATAS National Library at Bugis to lower their parking fees because that is not really the way to encourage more people to read.

  • If you strap off all the bus lanes so that people who did pay road tax get to use the roads. After all, the way these buses are driven, if they air-air drive into our lanes, any car will give way to them one, so we don't need these bus lanes and give LTA some more reasons to earn our hard earned money.

  • If you change the whole COE balloting system such that the poor pays less and the rich pays more. The last that I heard, some MP-wannabe said that if you stay in a four-room flat, you are poor, so I should pay a poor man's COE as compared to the guy staying in Sentosa Cove.

So Mr MP-wannabe, before you ask whether I can tick for you, think of what you can do for me first.

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