Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NDP rehearsals road blocking performances at Esplanade

When I was collecting my tickets at the SISTIC counter, the staff warned me of road closures that will affect the roads to Esplanade because of NDP rehearsals... for the whole of July! OMG!

Great... and I have to watch JUMP on the 30th June and the Dim Sum Dollies on the 7th July, both presenting at Esplanade! Faint~ I went online to check what are the affected roads, and to my horror, found that:
  • Can totally forget about Republic Boulevard

  • Temasek Avenue and Raffles Avenue will only have one lane opened each, which is as good as none, since they are expected to be super duper jammed

  • Esplanade Drive will be opened in the evening, but what is the point when all roads that lead to it are affected?

  • Even 2 carriageways of ECP are closed!

Which means that in order to counter these road blocks, I have to go to the Marina Bay area super early and park the car at a nearby carpark. And the disadvantages are... Must risk getting lured into buying things because of the time spent shopping there since there is nothing else better to do. Must be mentally prepared for the super duper expensive car park fees... omg...

Sigh... what the heck... take MRT there lah!

More info on the road closure can be found here


DK said...

Ya... just take MRT. Your safest bet.

eisburg said...

That place is going to be super jam up next year as well.

July = NDP rehearsals
August = NDP
Sept = F1 racing

One super pack place to be seen at.

Unknown said...

omg... we shd change the place name fr marina bay to jamming bay then... T_T