Thursday, June 28, 2007

Field of Dreams - your last chance to watch football at the National Stadium

This is the last event in National Stadium before they really close it for good (or bad?), the last chance to see those uncles from the Singapore and Malaysia teams play against each other in this old stadium. Heard that they'll try to recreate the good old days with runners hawking curry puffs, crackers and drinks. Erm... but of course don't expect 'good old days' price. There is also some fireworks display for the closing ceremony, so bring your tripod.

After this day, the National Stadium will have its root dug up, so it'll be easier to find the lost time capsule then...

The date: 30th June 2007
Matches time: Singapore vs Malaysia at 5pm, Singapore vs Australia at 7:30pm
Price: Advanced booking at S%15 for Standard and S$40 for Premium. If you buy on the match day, it is S$20.

The Premium ticket comes with a free gift pack including S$12 of F&B vouchers, a S$15 ticket to the 'Lights Out' party, an exclusive prize draw to win a Nokia N-Series phone, and more stuffs, whether useful or useless.

AS for the "Lights Out - The National Stadium Closing Party" right after the closing ceremony at the National Stadium, it is S$15 per ticket (S$10 if you are watching the earlier matches), and you've got those people from Zouk in charge of the music. It is said that each ticket comes with a free drink. But I'm not expecting Zouk to bring their bartenders to the stadium, so I don't think it'll be a Tequilla pop...

You can book tickets from Sistic online.

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