Tuesday, October 30, 2018

What has Cloudywind written?

So. What have I written throughout the years?

Lemme see...

Trash, fanfic, more fanfic, more trash, some Science Fictionish Romance...?

One thing for sure though, while my writing has improved (definitely a personal opinion), I couldn't write anything serious. Like literally. I'm pretty sure I'm someone who could make even a melancholic drama funny. And not just the subtle kind of funny. It would be WTF kind of funny.

Anyhow, these are my works so far...

Dragon Age fan fiction: The Accidental Inquisitor
Dragon Age fan fiction: My Name is Andruil
Dragon Age fan fiction: A Charger and a Scout

Nanowrimo novel: A Bored Singaporean
Nanowrimo novel: It Started from an Island

Knock yourself out with my bad writing (I hope not literally!) as I embark on writing my new novel for the Nanowrimo 2018!

And yes, it'll be funny too.

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