Friday, January 30, 2015

A Dragon Age Inquisition fanfiction - Chapter 3: We're still in the Hinterlands?!

Day 18. Location: Fallow Mire. Weather: Creepy.

"Why didn't we wait till the morning? Why do we have to come to this kinda creepy place in the middle of the night? Whyyyyyy?!?"

Ellana'ra counted to 10 under her breath to stop herself from snapping at Sera's endless rantings. She really liked Sera and didn't want to say anything to get Sera greatly disapproves. It was already not easy to get on her good side because for some weird reasons, Sera had no good opinion of elves. Despite being a city elf herself.

"EWWWWW! What did I just stepped on?! Why are we running around this mire in the dark? Ms Inquisitor! Why can't you ask Mr I'm-the-smartest-elf-in-Thedas to make that eerie green torch?!"

Ellana'ra turned in time to see Solas glared at Sera. The next thing she knew, Blackwall shouted "CORPSE!" and ran into the water to fight off a corpse archer. And then the next thing, 10 other corpse archers jumped out of the water and surrounded them.

"YOU IDIOT WARDEN! THAT BIG WEIRD MAN ALREADY WARNED US NOT TO GET INTO THE DAMNED WATER!" Sera shouted at Blackwall, while killing a corpse archer with her Long Shot.

Ellana'ra sighed and joined in the fight. It would be really embarrassing to be appointed as the Inquisitor and then to die in a mire the day after.


Day 25. Location: Storm Coast. Weather: Stormy.


"Boss, I'd hate to ask you this, but why do you carry a whole sack of rings wherever you go?" Iron Bull pointed to the sack of very noisy rings Ellana'ra carried at her belt.

"Bull, I hate it too, but I HAVE to carry these rings when we explore leh. Because we don't know when we might run into a dragon right? Then we also don't know what kind of dragon right? So I have to bring 4 fire resistant rings, 4 cold resistant rings, 4 lightning resistant rings, 4 spirit..."

"Er... guys, do we have any Giant resistant ring?" Varric cut Ellana'ra's grumble short and pointed at a Giant who was stomping towards their direction. Fast.

"Shit, Boss! I forgot to tell you the Giant in this area is very sensitive to sound!" Bull shouted and charged towards the Giant.


So did Ellana'ra.


Day 32. Location: Hinterlands. Weather: Sunny.

"What do you need me to do again?" Ellana'ra glared at the villager.

"Look for Lord Woolsley. He's a very special ram."

Apparently special enough to be called a Lord. And special enough to ask the Inquisitor to look for him.

"Yes, we'll help." Cassandra nodded her head to the villager. Ellana'ra gave her the "What the hell?" look and Cassandra returned with a "I said WE will help!" look. The look that will kill any demon within the radius of 1km. Defeated with a sigh, Ellana'ra turned and walked down the path.

So we need to find a ram now. While we help some guy put flowers on his wife's grave. While we help some woman look for her dead husband's ring.

"I believe it's on our way, Inquisitor. Cassandra patted Ellana'ra's shoulder and smiled slightly. "Who know, we might be so lucky, this ram can be found near the druffalo we're looking!"

Right. While we look for a run-away druffalo.

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