Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Dragon Age Inquisition fanfiction - Chapter 1: Why is my hand glowing green?

Wah! Spiders! Big spiders! Big spiders with many eyes! Run… run… run… eh… why are I running uphill?! Wait… someone’s calling me!

“Hurry up! Come over here! Take my hand!”

A green ghostly woman figure gave her hand to Ellana’ra. Ellana’ra paused for a second. Running towards a green female ghost was not really the greatest idea, but she guessed it was still a better choice than becoming spider food. So she held on to Ms Green Ghost…

“Oui! Wake up!”

Ellana’ra opened her eyes in shock and stared into a pair of very angry eyes on a very fierce face.

“Walauz! I thought you’d never wake up!” The very intimidating woman shouted into her face. “You tell me! Huh! Tell me why we shouldn’t kill you now!”

OK. So there IS something worse than gigantic spiders with many eyes.

“The Conclave is gone! Everyone who attended also gone! All dead! Except for you!”

Right… I was spying on some big event when something happened… but what was it? What happened? And why did Ms Fierce Face feel that I was responsible?

“What talking you? You don’t chibai think I did it…” rebuked Ellana’ra.

“Then explain this!” Ms Fierce Face held up Ellana’ra’s chained left hand and it glowed.

Wait. GLOW?!  Why is my hand glowing?! What did I touch?! Oh! OH! That green female ghost!

“AHHHHHHHHH!” Ellana’ra screamed and Ms Fierce Face actually had a shock and stepped back. “What the hell?! What did you do to my hand?! ”

“I didn’t do anything hor!”
“If not then how come like that! What did you do?!”
“I already said I didn’t do anything! How did YOU get that?!”
“Wah bianz! I also don’t know lah!”
“You’re lying!” Ms Fierce Face grabbed Ellana’ra in anger.

“We need her, Cassandra!” A pretty lady in hood held Ms Fierce Face back, and then walked over to Ellana’ra.

“Do you remember what happened?”

So it’s good cop bad cop now?

“I only remember running. Big spiders chasing me. Then got one green female ghost… she… reached out to me…” Ellana’ra tried to recall.

“Go to the Forward Camp, Leliana. I’ll take her to the rift” Cassandra tapped on Ms Pretty in Hood’s shoulder.

Oh. So her name is Leliana. Nice name...

Cassandra then unshackled Ellana’ra and pulled her up.

“So what did happen?” Ellana’ra tried to ask.
“It’ll be easier to show you.” Cassandra replied. In a kinder tone now.

Ellana’ra stepped out of the building she was held captive. When she looked up, to her horror, the sky had a big ugly green hole in it. Really big. Really green.

“We called it the Breach. Very jialat. This big hole is connected to the demon world. And it grows bigger and bigger some more.” Cassandra explained. “And then this is not the only rift hor! Still got some more somewhere else. But this one is biggest. The explosion at the Conclave caused these rifts.”

“An explosion can do that?” Ellana’ra asked. She could not comprehend how an explosion can actually put holes in the sky. And what explosion? She still could not remember what happened at the Conclave.

“This one did. And we better do something about it. Sikali the Breach grow until so big it makan the whole world then siao liaoz… ”

Then there was a pulse from the Breach and Ellana’ra’s hand glowed and a sharp pain spread from her glowing hand to the rest of her body. “AHHHHHHHHHH!”

“Every time the Breach expands, your mark spreads. Hmm… I think it’s killing you.” Ellana’ra stared at Cassandra unbelievably.

Please tell me you’re joking.

“Maybe. I said maybe hor. Maybe it is the key to stopping this. But there isn’t much time. We need to go.” Cassandra advised.

Ellana’ra knew then she did not have a choice. If she did nothing, the mark might kill her, like what Cassandra said. Even if the mark could not kill her, the rest of the people would think that she was the terrorist that bombed the Conclave and they would kill her. It appeared that the only chance to get out of this mess alive was to help close that Breach in the sky with her mark. If it will actually work.

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