Friday, September 24, 2010

This post has been rated Satirical Comedy

It seems like the Hossen Leong Show that I'm looking forward to watching soon has been rated as "Satirical Comedy (Recommended for audiences 16 years and over)" by MDA. Thank god for MDA! If they didn't inform me, I'll never guess that I'm going to be watching a satirical comedy! I thought I was going to watch a cooking show!

So why is the show not safe for audiences below 16? Too satirical for these young kids to handle? But Miyaki said he has already taken out the bit about PM's pink wardrobe, so that our kids won't go home haunted with the image of our PM dressed in pink in front of a pink background and loose sleep, so why is it still too satirical? Perhaps there are still other content that are too much for our kids. I mean, what if Hossen is going to make satirical remarks about the YOG screw-ups, Freak flood screw-ups, or worse, public transport screw-ups! Yah, I also think it's too much for them to understand.

Anyway, I think MDA shouldn't be worried too much about under-16 kids watching the show even without the rating. After all, it is an art performance, so it is not going to be cheap. I can't imagine why a Sec 3 guy will date his Sec 2 girlfriend to watch the show that will cost him more than seventy dollars for a cheapest pair of tickets, instead of a normal pair of movie tickets costing less than twenty dollars. Seriously? They'll choose the Hossen Leong Show over other shows like... Resident Evil Afterlife?

While rating an art performance is not hurting me as I'm way over 16, taking so-called sensitive content out of it does. It is a known fact that producers themselves remove some content from their scripts (so that the show can go on), and the choppers at MDA remove even more. But hey, I'm still paying 100% of the ticket price! In fact, adding in GST and booking fees etc, it's even more than 100%, and yet they're going to show me 80-90% of the performance? It's like after paying for an expensive sure-eat Cat-Mountain-King durian, you open it up and throw away some fruits to the dogs!

Perhaps in future, art performances in Singapore can be charged according to how much content has been censored? Maybe like a $10 discount per 10mins cut? Then it's more fair to the viewers right?

So now, what is the feedback email address of SISTIC...

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