Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mehly will volunteer for NS to get her $9000!


Suddenly, Singapore has recognised the contribution done by Singaporean NSman, and so is giving each of them a monetary award of between S$9,000 and S$10,500. But this will only benefit full time and operationally-ready NSmen in service from August 29, so if you ORD on August 28, and though you still have to return to camp for reservist training and report for IPPT every year, sorry bro, count your bad luck!

Of course, if the gahmen can't trust the 65-years olds with their own CPF money, how can they trust 18-years old young chaps with $9,000? So for your own good, this money will be given to you in 3 installments and even part of it is going to be put into your CPF account, so that you can take it out when you're... 65-years old.

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