Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to make a 3-in-1 TVC out of A Girl's Hope

A Girl's Hope - Family TVC by MCYS

So now we know. Besides all the shelves of 3-in-1 coffee/tea/Milo you find in the supermarkets, we have also got 3-in-1 TVC now.

This is when you try to tell people family is important, so please send your own daughter to school and sack your maid; YOG is coming soon, so please go support and buy tickets; and this year NDP theme is "Live Our Dreams", all in the same TVC, all in 1:52 minutes.

Never mind in the end the message of "Family" is more lost than Lost.

Never mind the mention of "YOG" is more abrupt than Jack Neo apologising about his private affair in someone else's concert.

Never mind the story twist from "Hope" to "Live Our Dreams" is more twisted than the storyline in Desperate Housewives.

Actually since they were at it, maybe they should also have added the following scenes...

  • Mother and daughter take a longer walk to the bus-stop, to pass by some workers working on the drainage.

    Daughter: Mummy, what is that smell and noise?
    Mother: They're working on the drains, darling.
    Daughter: Why do they work on the drains?
    Mother: So that Singapore will not be flooded again when it rains.

  • Mother and daughter board the bus and mother taps her ezlink card on the reader.

    Daughter: Mummy, why do we change so many different buses?
    Mother: Because we're now using distance-based fare, darling.
    Daughter: Why do we do that? Is it cheaper?
    Mother: It is not cheaper, but betterer for the transport companies.

Luckily we can still be touched by the little girl.

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