Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Now you can choose the kind of telemarketers to harass you

Remember gahmen promised to look into cutting down the insane numbers of phone calls we get from telemarketers? Well, here it is - their MyCall Registry project (another million dollars project?).

"The MyCall Registry is part of INSIS' efforts to support Singapore's Consumer Privacy Law. Consumers will only get marketing emails and phone calls on promotions they have specified on the MyCall Registry Form." All you need to do is to register with your phone numbers, address and email (and hope that they themselves don't leak these info) and choose one kind of telemarketers who you allow to irritate you. Yup. You have to choose at least ONE or else you'll get a form error.

Hooray! Now you'll only get phone calls from the kind of telemarketers that YOU have selected! Still irritating, but maybe less irritating now because YOU have selected to be irritated by these topic(s).

My advise? Tick "Environment". Come'on, since when do you see Singapore businesses give a damn about our environment? At least you can be sure you won't get any call from Sentosa.

To know more and register, check out http://www.mycall.sg/.

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