Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PRC Ferrari beat-red-light accident: What they say and what we saw

This is what one of them said...

(Click on image to ENLARGE. Actual thread on Hardwarezone)

This is what we saw from the live video, also known as the fact...

Who's at fault? You be the judge.

My condolences to the taxi driver and Japanese tourist, and hope that the motorbike rider recovers soon and well.

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Anonymous said...

the hardware zone claim - what utter ROT!

last night i was on marine parade road, waiting to turn right into siglap road. a bus on the opposite side of marine parade road was waiting to turn right into the opp bit of siglap road. it blocked my view of the two lanes of traffic approaching from behind the bus.

i did not move as i could not see if the road was clear to turn. the car behind me honked and honked and honked, furious i was not moving.

how could i move?!!!??? i have seen FOUR accidents there - cars just trying to peep around a bus to see if the road was clear for them to turn right by edging forward, and which have been smashed up at that very junction.

i have seen similar accidents at other junctions - and this is when one can Clearly see a car approaching from the opp direction. by coincidence, many of these cars which do the hitting are luxury makes/models and they SPEED UP at these junctions.

anyway, the ferrari hit the taxi SEVERAL seconds after the light turned green for the taxi.