Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MBS Sky Park - our $20 night scene

There's no way that I'm going to pay for the $6 parking fee at Marina Bay Sands, so I parked my car at Marina Square instead. And this gives us the opportunity to walk along the Helix Bridge.

Singapore CBD Night Scene

After crossing the Helix Bridge, we were greeted by a land of construction and road blocks. We were so confused that we had to ask a passer-by for the way...

Me: Aunty, which way do we go to the Marina Bay Sands?
Aunty: Har? Don't know.
Me: Er... Aunty, how to go to casino?
Aunty: Oh! Casino har! In front turn left!

Marina Bay Sands - Helix Bridge

Finally we reached the Marina Bay Sands lobby, which is pretty huge with lotsa lifts, with even more security guards standing sternly in front of the lifts. But no sign of the sign to the Sky Park lift. So we've got no choice but to check with one of the security with no expression, only to find out that the Sky Park lift is outside the hotel.

Marina Bay Sands - Hotel Lobby

For some reason that must be too chim for us commoners to understand, tripods are not allowed on the Sky Park. So with my ISO set as high as possible and my hands as steady, these are the only photographs that are really acceptable...

Marina Bay Sands - Night scene from Sky Park

Marina Bay Sands - Night scene from Sky Park

Marina Bay Sands - Night scene from Sky Park

Marina Bay Sands - Infinity Pool


chillycraps said...

somehow I prefer duxton leh...

And MBS' facility really isn't THAT fantastic.

Unknown said...

@chillycraps, agree. it's really a rip off for MBS's Sky Park, esp after u've seen night scenes fr other country locations like the Peak in HK :)