Thursday, June 11, 2009

成语故事 - 歧路亡羊 Where there are too many forked roads, the sheep will be lost

歧路亡羊(qi lu wang yang)
Where there are too many forked roads, the sheep will be lost

When confronted with too many choices and complications, one who seeks the truth is likely to be lost if the correct method is not applied




Scholar Yang Zi's neighbour lost a sheep and had asked all relatives and friends, and even Yang Zi's servant to help search for it. Yang Zi asked him,"Only one sheep lost wat, why you send so many people to look for it?". His neighbour replied,"Because there are a lot of fork roads out there loh!"

After some time, everybody came back. "So how? Found the sheep?", Yang Zi asked. "Don't have leh," they replied. "Every road also got branches and then every branches got more branches! Let that we also don't know which road to follow, so we give up lor."

Upon hearing this, Yang Zi stood silent. His student was puzzled what the teacher was thinking about so he looked for Yang Zi's friend Xin Du Zi to ask him. Of which Xin Du Zi replied,"Your teacher is worrying about your study. That sheep incident reminds him of the difficulties you will face in learning and doing research. Scali you fail to find the correct orientation and method of study, you will accomplish nothing, just like how those people have failed to find the lost sheep."

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