Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ai yo~ so many birds to feed at Jurong Bird Park

In Singapore, everything that you buy, the more you buy, the more worth it. That's why we've got buy this got that crap-gift free, buy $50 got $0.50 off, buy 2 big ones get 1 small one free etc. Similarly, it makes more sense to get the Park Hopper 3-in-1, so that's how we ended up at Jurong Bird Park.

My Japanese friend said our bird park very open very good. We let our birds fly here fly there in the aviaries instead of locking them up in cages. Actually a bit like Singaporeans lah, we are also given freedom to express ourselves mah, just that there is this big net on top to make sure we don't really fly out of the aviary lor!

It is fun to walk about in the aviaries when birds just fly across on the top of your head and trying to spot these birds among the trees is challenging too. At the end of the day, sure got sore neck one! But besides the birds high up on the trees, there are also different species of ducks in the pond down below. And some of these ducks can actually swim damn fast man!

Of all the birds in the bird park, I think those lories at the Lory Loft must be the happiest. There is an endless stream of visitors to pay a few dollars for a little cup of liquid food to feed them so they can have breakfast, tea-break, lunch and dinner anytime of the day! I would have thought that eating the same thing every meal a bit sianz (translation: bored) right? But those bird brains like eat until very happy like that leh! Some of those kan cheong spider (translation: nervous) lories even station themselves at the Food Purchase counter and just eat off the cup right after the visitor has paid for it, didn't even wait for the visitor to walk out into the aviary!

Besides the lories, we also went to watch ostriches feeding and African birds feeding at the African Waterfall Aviary. Do you know that ostriches actually eat bananas? With the skins some more! At the African Waterfall Aviary, lagi (translation: even more) more fun, because visitors are given little cups of live worms to feed the birds! And those birds just fly all over our heads at full speed and suddenly just dash onto the cups! Machiam (translation: like) Japanese kamikaze pilots attacking Pearl Harbour like that!

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