Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Ah Fook had to go through to get his refund from the bus company

(Picture in courtesy of Pet Society)

Like the rest of some 1/3 unfortunate Singaporeans, Ah Fook has been paying extra for his bus fare ever since the implementation of distance-based fare. And like the rest, he went to the ticketing office near him to get his refund. After queuing up for some time...

AH FOOK: I would like to refund all the extra 50 cents that I've been paying for my bus fares. Newspapers said LTA already checked and confirmed the bus company is overcharging us for the past one month or so, so I want my money back.

TICKETING OFFICER: No problem. You just need to answer these few simple questions. What is your name?

AH FOOK: Ah Fook.


AH FOOK: S8765432Z

TICKETING OFFICER: Contact number?

AH FOOK: 98765432

TICKETING OFFICER: Ez-link card number?

AH FOOK: Ez-link card got number one meh? But I got a few cards and I just use them randomly wor...

TICKETING OFFICER: Never mind one, it's just for record. Just give me the number from any one card. It's the 12 digits number on the card.

AH FOOK: Oh, it's 0900 0800 0700 0600. So the refund will be credited into this card?

TICKETING OFFICER: No lah, we're not that advanced. Your refund will be in cash.

AH FOOK: Then why do you need the number?

TICKETING OFFICER: Told you already, for record only! Date and time of the trip?

AH FOOK: Last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning.

TICKETING OFFICER: I need the exact dates and times!

AH FOOK: July 26 8:59am, July 27 9:01am, July 28 8:58am, July 29 9:02am and July 30 8:57am.

TICKETING OFFICER: Wow! You remember the exact time?

AH FOOK: For record only right?

TICKETING OFFICER: Oh... and what bus number?

AH FOOK: 161

TICKETING OFFICER: Boarding and alighting points?

AH FOOK: Innova JC at Woodlands to Hougang Ave 4.

TICKETING OFFICER: What color were you wearing on those trips?

AH FOOK: July 26 blue, July 27 dark green, July 28 white, July 29 blue and July 30 light gray.

TICKETING OFFICER: What did you have for lunch?

AH FOOK: July 26 nasi lemak, July 27 chicken rice, July 28 mixed rice, July 29 mixed rice and July 30... I think mee hoon kway...

TICKETING OFFICER: You're not sure? The information needs to be correct, you know?

AH FOOK: Hmm... I think it was mee hoon kway... yah, mee hoon kway.

TICKETING OFFICER: Okay, now you need to sign here, and then put up your right hand and swear that the information you have provided is the truth and nothing but the truth, and that you will not try to cheat the bus company. And after one week to one month, depending on how busy we are, you will get back your... $2.50.

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