Thursday, July 9, 2009

What tweeters are talking about Singtel's iPhone 3GS launch

Supersham87: iPhone 3GS coming out tmr at singtel comcentre.. But I got turned off after looking at the price.. Will look forward to next year..

wenjie: I received a pamphlet from Singtel today abt a recontract offer for iPhone 3GS. I am confused. Think I call them up tomorrow.

kulturbrille: What does Singtel do with all the iPhone 3G(s) that people are going to trade in?

chuyeow: @rsilvers The iPhone 3GS launch in Singapore will be at Singtel Comcentre - this map should be useful:

paddytan: Most of the gang not willing to get singtel 'upgrade' offer for iPhone 3Gs. Getting it fm hk instead. I hv no love for Apple n singtel

rsilvers: Maybe it's because I've been doing advertising reading, but there are a lot of things wrong with singtel's iPhone launch promo material.

lucretius: Apple Singtel Iphone loophole??

guyswithiphones: Eh SingTel. Your iPhone 3GS website sucks lah. Still not working. Sheesh.

tazmanian_sg: SingTel not truthful in the price plan, 1st gen Mio has to pay $848 for 32GB iPhone...$100 off only if you subscribe to Mio Home!! Sucks!

kulturbrille: It doesn't make sense for Singtel to charge $600 for upgrading current iPhone 3G contracts if more than 12 months have passed.

Supersham87: Singaporeans having difficulty getting iPhone 3GS.. - Registration Traffic too much for Singtel to handle?

babydicey: @M1 when will your iphone launched??? B4 i switch to SINGTEL!!!

geekparrot: lol singtel is telling me I can terminate my current iPhone contract @ $600 to get iPhone 3gs.

JoeAugustin: Hey there. If anyone is doing PR work for Singtel, please let them know that they managed to piss off a whole bunch of iPhone users.

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