Monday, January 11, 2010

Anyhow walk in Japan - Search for Seimei

Seimei Jinja Shrine gate

The gate leading to Seimei Shrine. Abe No Seimei was a famous and the greatest onmyoji in olden days Japan, kinda like our Feng Shui masters. He was so well respected that the past emperor built this shrine for him, supposedly on the site of his old house.

Spirit figure and bridge at Seimei Jinja Shrine

The spirit statue next to the legendary bridge was said to be one of the little spirits controlled by Seimei, who will inform Seimei of any visitor crossing this bridge that led to his house.

Seimei well at Seimei Jinja Shrine

Water flowing from this Seimei well is said to have magical power that cure all illness. However it is pretty dry now. Still, the shrine will rotate this well to point it to the auspicious direction every year.

Water-point at Seimei Jinja Shrine

Dragon-shaped water outlet at Seimei Jinja Shrine

Water flowing out from a green dragon's mouth at the hand washing water point.

Seimei statue at Seimei Jinja Shrine

A statue of Abe No Seimei. Looks like a decent old uncle in official clothing, hard to imagine he had such great power.

Auspicious peach at Seimei Jinja Shrine

This bronze peach is made up of 500 pieces of donated bronze material. It is said that one will be blessed by touching this peach, so of course I've touched it too! Ha!

Wishes written at Seimei Jinja Shrine

The wishes blocks in Seimei shrine are designed with the magical pentacle star, which is said to have magical power, and is a sign commonly used by Seimei.

睛明神社 (Seimei Jinja) - take city bus to 一条戻り橋. You'll see a couple of big flags with the big words "Seimei Jinja" a short distance away from the bus stop, so you can't miss it.
睛明神社 (Seimei Jinja) official website

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