Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cloudywind Podcast #08 - Twitter vs New Exco in AWARE EGM

The AWARE EGM had lots of rules and regulations. No flash photography! No video recording! No crude language! Only one question per person, and no press! The result? So many logged the whole EGM onto Twitter that #awaresg was the top trending topic! So what couldn't Josie Lau finish her opening speech? Who commanded the crowd to "Shut up and sit down"? What was Thio Su Mien talking about on page 73? How did the new exco manage to spend $90,000 so fast? Guess none of these questions matters anymore when the vote of no confidence passed by a margin of 1,414 to 761 votes.

换了几个场地后,AWARE的EGM终于在Suntec如期举行。在记者与摄影队被拒在门外后,场地里的会员扛起了公民记者的责任,把谁讲了什么,谁被嘘下台,所有的细节,一丝不漏的都写在Twitter里!不管你是在岛上的任何一个地方,还是在远远的欧洲或北美洲,就算你人不在现场也可以感受到整个气氛!为什么Josie Lau的开场白讲不完?是谁叫众人“闭嘴!坐下!”?Thio Su Mien到底要众人看第73页哪里?为什么新委员这么快就花了9万块?不过既然新委员已经被1,414对761推翻下台了,这些问题还重要吗?

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