Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review on 8X Zoom Telescope Lens For iPhone 4

The camera on iPhone has been improving all these years, and so many people have been using iPhone as their main camera. Okay lah, with a couple of good camera apps and some post-processing, you are really able to take some pretty good pictures using the iPhone. But sometimes don't you wish you can like... zoom a bit?

So recently I found a 8X Zoom Telescope Lens For iPhone 4 on Gmarket and here's a quick unbox and review on it...

SGD30 gives you an 8x zoom lens and a tripod, seems like a reasonable deal.

The tripod seems pretty stable, but I guess I'll do another video test on it later.

Indoor photo taken using just the iPhone lens.

Photo taken using the 8x zoom lens. The lens is actually screwed to a special phone case but due to the proportion, even though the lens is not very heavy, it is not easy to take a picture with steady hands. Little shakes magnified to big earthquake on the photo. Hmm... well, I know that's what the tripod is meant for, but also very mafang to take the tripod everywhere, no matter how small right?

Outdoor photo taken using just the iPhone lens.

I then took my shot outdoor, hoping that with more light, the picture can be clearer. But it's not easy also because you have to focus manually using the ring on the lens and stabilise the phone at the same time. I was actually trying to focus on the Singtel tower, but obviously I've accidentally focused on the flat on the left...

Conclusion? I need to practise more on the lens...


AskJ said...

I was researching for iPhone telephoto lens when I came across your review. How's the lenses coming along? Is it clear?
Who did you buy the lenses from in GMarket?


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