Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Diary of a Useless Manager - If you don't know, I lagi don't know!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is NOT my diary. This is just a fictional story of an useless little manager working in a large local organisation. If you work in a large local organisation and find this figure looking suspiciously like your manager, it is only because these useless managers breed freely in large local organisations and the only way to stop them is to remove their stable diet - their subordinates.

I'm a manager working in a huge local organisation. We have long long time ago claimed to be privatised, but don't worry, we still run our business like a regular statboard. We have to, you know? So that we can still keep all the red tapes.

What you're reading now is my diary which I try to write everyday in the office. What? You think I should be writing it at home after work and before sleep? Siao ah? I want to spend my precious private time doing more important things like watching TV okay! And further more, with the electricity bill going up, I really don't want to switch on my computer and aircon at home. Anyway, since I'm a manager, I've got my own room, so nobody knows what I'm doing inside what!

But then hor, even though this is a diary, don't expect me to update everyday okay. Sometimes I do get busy with real work, sometimes I need to go for long lunches and tea breaks with my bosses to socialise, and sometimes I need to take leaves and MCs. So don't complain this is not a diary when you don't see me posting everyday.

I've got a team of gals working for me in my department, who will take care of everything that their jobs require, including doing my job. And in today's diary, I would like to complain about them.

All my gals have been working in the organisation longer than me. Oh, I've only joined the organisation coming to a year. So naturally they should know more than me right? But sometimes I don't think they are very happy to help. Especially when I asked them to do my job.

I mean, look. I've only been here for slightly less than a year, so they can't expect me to know my job well right? I know I ask the same questions on how to do the same report every month, but hey, it takes time to learn what! And I also need time to pick things up, so if I don't know what is happening most of the time, they can't expect me to contribute during meetings right? But I know that as a responsible manager, I must learn how to delegate. So I came up with the brilliant idea that, instead of taking so much effort to learn the ropes, I should just delegate my jobs to my assistant manager and the rest of the gals. Smart right?

But today, my assistant manager has made me very angry. When I handed her one of the report that I was tasked by higher management to do, she had the cheek to tell me she has not seen that report before and she don't know how to do it! So I told her off: "If you don't know, I lagi don't know!" WTH right?

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